The Weekend Review: Lottie London make up brush cleanser

I feel like make up brush cleansers are the things I review most here.

I never seem to settle on one that I truly like and as it’s something I use every week without fail now (I’m getting very good at washing my brushes regularly now) I’m invested in finding the right one.

While stocking up goodies from Feel Unique for the first time I came across a Lottie London offering. I’ve spoken about how much I like their brushes before and as it was only £6.99 (although I had a 15% voucher code at the time) I thought it was worth a try.lottie london soapstarThis is my first time using a solid brush cleanser and I was really excited to try it.lottie london soapstar openFirst thing to say is it does just smell like a bar of soap. Just any old cheap soap smell. I didn’t let that put me off though and set about cleaning my brushes. The instructions state to wet your brush, swirl it round then soap and then wash it off. The only extra step I added was swirling it around on my hand for a thorough clean.

I used this on my foundation brush and powder brush and both came out looking good and clean. After they’d dried there was no stickiness or residue left on them at all.

To clean the soap I just ran it under the water for a few seconds, tipped out the water and left it to air dry. The amount of soap left is pretty much the same so I can imagine this will last me a good amount of time before I need to buy more.

Initial impressions on this are pretty positive. It’s not too much of a faff to use, works well and seems it’ll last. Have I found make up brush cleanser peace? Here’s hoping!

If you like the look of this you can get 15% off Feel Unique using my referral code by clicking here (I get money off too).

Em x