My Week #18

Bit of a quiet week for me this week in my Filofax personal.

This is largely because I’ve moved my shop and blog stuff back into an Erin Condren to give me more space to write more comprehensive to do lists each day and I was loads more productive because of it. I was really ill over the weekend though too so absolutely nothing got done (hence why this post is a little later than normal)! Rather annoying on the hottest day of the year so far…

I wanted to use these cute coffee related stickers from the shop this week and built a brown and green theme around week 18

Sticker/washi/stamp sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Suzy Stick It
Bubba Bear Studios
Chocho and Mimi
Cute Things From Japan

Em x

  • The stickers are so cute 🙂

    • Em

      I love them! And what’s not to like about coffee??

      • Well…the smell…and the taste (tea girl all the way here!) but at least the stickers are cute 😀

        • Em

          Haha fair enough, I’m fussy about my tea though – it has to be Yorkshire Tea!

          • I think being from Cork I have to say Barry’s Tea just out of loyalty xD