The Weekend Review: Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution

I’d finally run out of cleansing waters after accumulating loads through beauty boxes and I knew exactly which one I wanted to try.

I’d heard lots of good stuff about Bioderma’s cleansing waters and after looking at the various ones available, I went for the hydrating one as I’m still battling the odd bout of dryness at the moment.bioderma hydrabio h20It’s a little more expensive than most cleansing waters I’ve used in the past – £10.20.

The first thing I liked was the bottle. 250ml is a good size – I found the 400ml Garnier bottle a bit big and annoying. The lid is good and is easy to control how much comes out so you don’t end up with a sodden cotton wool pad.

There is a scent to it, but it’s much like any other cleansing water smell and it’s just a kind of ‘clean’ smell.

Although it says for face and eyes I do tend to use an eye make up remover first because this doesn’t quite cut it for removing mascara. On the rest of the face though, it works a treat and I really like it. I just use one cotton pad as I like to follow with a cleansing balm but actually I can see two cotton pads being all you needed to remove make up with this. This is probably the first cleansing water I’ve tried that I feel could be used to remove all make up which means for travel this stuff would be fab. You can actually buy this in a 100ml version as well making it ideal for hand luggage.

After use my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry at all. I’m a big fan of this stuff. It’s a lot more expensive than the drug store ones but it’s definitely worth it. It’s the best I’ve found so far.

Em x