Putting an old Erin Condren into my Kikki K

I used an Erin Condren last year for blog and shop planning and decided it wasn’t really for me.

As I used a Kikki K for shop notes, supplier info etc I didn’t like effectively having two separate planners for the shop/blog area of my life. This has been seen again since when I put blog planning in my Midori and didn’t really like it. Basically, I like everything all in once place.

My personal Filofax isn’t really big enough to house all of my blog and shop to dos each week and so I needed to do something to effectively plan my workload each week.

Enter last year’s Erin Condren.IMG_7408I didn’t fancy printing out any inserts for my A5 as I hate doing that but I knew I had last year’s Erin Condren that I could repurpose, put in the Kikki K, and see if I like it. As you can see, pulling it to bits was easy enough. IMG_7409I pulled out May and June and chopped the holes off. I tried to get it cut straight but pretty much failed. I then punched the sheets and they were ready to go. While it sounds straightforward I’m not sure I’d want to do this for a whole year’s worth of pages. ec in filoI made some cover up stickers to cover the incorrect dates and I’d never done the whole decoration thing in my EC last year, so I downloaded a cheap but awesome kit from Paper Crown Planner to try it out. I love it! So much so that I’ve already designed my first weekly kits!

In terms of using it I’ve filled it with everything I need to do and have been super productive. Having it in the Kikki K was great because I could refer to different sections of the planner when writing out what I needed to do (sticker ideas, blog post planning etc).

The only issue I have is how ugly it all looks in the planner, due to the size. ec 1It’s way too big and I’ve had to put it in the back of the planner just so it doesn’t cover all my dividers. I also know that I couldn’t fit more than a few weeks in here at a time which potentially would annoy me.

One bit I do really love is the EC pocket which I punched and put in to hold my stickers. ec pocketWhile the set up isn’t 100% right for me, using the EC to plan (and create weekly kits for the shop) is working so while they’re 50% off at the moment I picked up another.

Will I put it in my Kikki K? Not sure yet. I’ll do a review when I decide!

Em x

P.S. If you want an Erin Condren and haven’t ordered before you can get $10 off for following this link.