Look Fantastic May Review

Another month and another skincare heavy box!

As much as I’m liking all these mini skincare items (especially in the run up to summer holidays) I’m itching for a few make up pieces next month!

look fantastic may 1I was really happy to see some good haircare bits, including a full size Wet Brush – I really liked the mini I received a few boxes ago.

Onto the box and first up I’m going to talk about the Eve Lom cleanser. This was a sachet of the ordinary cleanser, along with a Muslim cloth. I love the Morning Time cleanser I received in a box ages ago (and two minis since then thanks to some Look Fantastic orders that sent them as freebies) and so I was intrigued to try the ‘full’ version. For a start it smells even worse than the Morning Time cleanser but applies nicely. While I preferred removing this with a cloth rather than the water splash recommended for the MT cleanser I didn’t get the same baby soft feeling that I do post MT cleanser which was disappointing. I think I’ll stick with the Morning Time which will save me some cash – this ‘full’ cleanser is £55 for just 100ml.

look fantastic may 2Ren is a brand I’ve used and loved before so I was excited to try this night time facial which is basically a gel you apply before bed in order to wake up to lovely radiant skin. The radiance range is the one I’ve tried before and the scent is strange but lovely. Like the other items I’ve used before, this did tingle in certain parts of my face (the bits with acne basically). Because of how strong it feels on my skin I’m not using it the few times a week it suggests and just going for once a week instead. After two uses I think I can see a slight difference. I found it online (because LF don’t seem to sell it) at £25 for 40ml. I’ve still got half the sample tube left before I need to decide whether to buy any but at this point I think I’d be happy to purchase a full size.

Next is Ioma and this is a brand I’ve come across before thanks to my time at Boots. I got to meet some of the team and see their snazzy face analyser in action. The concept is a little similar to Dr Murad I guess in that they analyse your skin but their products appear to be a lot more personalised than Murad, which makes it strange that a generic sample would end up in a subscription box. If you think the packaging looks strange that because it is – inside that box are seven contact lense packets essentially, each with enough product for two applications (morning and night). This cream is a nice, thick, hydrating cream that doesn’t make my skin greasy. I quite like it. I’ve only used it a couple of times though as I’m saving the rest for my holiday as it’s perfect packaging for hand luggage! I found these online for £9 to buy – not cheap! While I don’t mind this moisturiser, I don’t think I’ll be investing £75 on a regular day cream just yet.Look Fantastic May 3

Next up is the haircare and I was really excited to see a full size Wet Brush which is almost worth what I pay for the box each month (£13). I’d already had a mini version in an earlier box and I love the full size version just as much. It’s allowed me to rest my old Tangle Teezer which I’d started debating replacing so this was perfectly timed! It deals with my knots really well and doesn’t yank half my hair out in the process!

The other haircare item this month was the Revlon Uniq One hair treatment. This little leave in spray has a lot of claims – from heat protection to full on hair repair. I only used this a couple of times as I want to save it for my holiday and I really like it. It’s not got an offensive smell, seems to cover my hair well and I was happy with my hair once styled. It seemed nice and soft, without my hair being hideously weighed down.Look Fantastic May 4
Back to the skincare and Vichy Liftactiv Supreme which I wasn’t too fussed about really. It’s a really nice generous sized sample but I’ve never been blown away by anything Vichy and still haven’t sadly. It’s a nice enough face cream and feels good on my skin on application but maybe my skin is just a little too on the dry side for their anti ageing creams because my skin never really feels hydrated after use.

Last in this month’s box was a brand I love and have neglected a lot lately, Decleor. I received the Hydra Floral gel cream and this felt lovely on my skin. As to be expected, the scent was a amazing and it felt like a mini spa treatment applying this to my face. Because it’s a gel cream this little sample has lasted me over a week already and I really how my skin feels through the day after use – hydrated but not oily. This is £25 for 30ml which isn’t the cheapest but not hideous either. I’ve noticed that Decleor is on 3 for 2 as well over on Feel Unique so I think I’d be more than happy to pick this cream up again, plus another couple of treats.

Not an amazing month, but a couple of decent nuggets. I’m now just looking forward to next month and hopefully some more make up!

Em x