The Weekend Review: Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

This product isn’t new to me, I’ve used it before years ago. 

I felt this deserved a review post after many fails at trying to find a cheaper dupe and given up and gone back to this.IMG_7358This is £16 a tube so it ain’t cheap. Given how little I used to wear eyeshadow I was reluctant to pay that much for it even though from previous experience I knew it lasts ages. IMG_7359If you’ve not used this before it’s a liquid solution that you apply using the little brush (like a lip gloss brush) attached to the lid. A couple of blobs on each eyelid is all you need. You can get it in three different shades but I just use Original which has a bit of colour to it. The colour pretty much matches the colour of my undereye concealer but if you’re darker than me (I’m always the lightest foundation shade anywhere) it’ll be worth applying this before your concealer just so you don’t have any colouring issues.

This stuff is just as great as I remember. I’m not going to stay it stops all creasing as that would be a lie. I’ve got very oily lids and tend to get just a little creasing in the inner part of my eyelids at the end of day which is fine by me.

Buying this has also had the benefit that I now wear eyeshadow daily (and get good use out of my £16) because I know it’s not going to instantly crease.

I’m really happy this is just as good as a remember and I can now change up my make up daily though actually being able to use eyeshadow. Worth every penny I say.

Em x