May Empties

There’s nothing like the excitement of finishing something up, knowing that you then get to start on something new!

There’s also the satisfaction of where I’m trying to work my way through a massive stash one more empty means I’m another step closer to clearing out my bathroom of the 125647 products I have. may emptiesThis month it’s pretty much been all about the face.

Starting with Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser – I got this in a Look Fantastic box a couple of months ago now and it’s testament to how little you need that only now is it empty. Obviously I’ve not been using it daily but I have used it a lot. Thankfully I’ve another two of these to go through before I need to buy any but I will definitely be buying it when the time comes. It makes my face feel amazing, it’s easy to use because you can just splash it off and as long as you aren’t too put off by disgusting smells this is an amazing cleanser.

Next up is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and after originally liking this about halfway through the bottle I started to feel a bit ‘meh’ towards and like it wasn’t really getting rid of half as much make up as other cleansing waters I’d tried. It’s fantastic value for the size (currently £3 on the Boots website) but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing anytime soon.

Onto a body product and as part of my drive to clear out my body moisturisers I used up Soap and Glory Girligo. It’s quite a nice spray moisturiser – better than the Vaseline Spray and Go and the scent is lovely but it doesn’t really last. It’s also really runny and so you have to spray a bit, rub in and then go back and try and spray some more – with oily hands. Not the greatest of user experiences. It’s £6.50 for 250ml and isn’t really worth it to be honest. 

Finally is something I think I’ve raved about a million time on the blog now – Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask. I still love this but I am starting to think it’s not nourishing my skin quite as well as it used to. My skin still feels soft after use but not quite to the extent that I used to when I first started using this. I’ve got one more tube of this in my stash and if I’m still feeling the same way I might be on the lookout for a new face mask sadly. If you have any recommendations please drop them below!

Em x