The Weekend Review: Liz Earle Exfoliators

More Liz Earle!

I haven’t bought anymore in a while so this may be the last you see of Liz Earle on the blog (for a little while).

This time it’s exfoliators and I was running out of face and body at the same time so decided to try both from Liz Earle.liz earle exfoliatorsI’ll start with the body scrub and for a start this stuff smells amazing. The consistency of this is a nice oily paste. It’s tough enough to make your skin feel well exfoliated but the oils in the paste mean that your skin feels soft and not dry afterwards. It does this though without leaving an oily residue like some exfoliators do. I hate using an exfoliator and then feeling the sheen of the residue left behind. It just makes me think that they’re masking how harsh the scrub really is with lots of oils. This is only £14 for 200ml which I think is more than reasonable and will definitely repurchase.

Sadly it’s not such a positive story for the face exfoliator. For a start this is slightly more expensive, £15.75 for 70ml. It’s completely different to the body scrub as this is basically a cream (much like the intensive face mask I use) but with added beans for buffing. I was dubious about how good it would be as it’s called gentle and I definitely prefer my exfoliators tough. I need not worry, this was good and tough. Sadly, a little too tough. While the body scrub had lovely oils in that kept my skin soft, this exfoliator left my skin really dry. I really wasn’t expecting that. My skin was also a little redder than it normally is after exfoliating. I’ll keep trying it, but I doubt I’ll be repurchasing this.

Have you got any great face exfoliator tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Em x