One card design: two occasions

This week I had two lovely occasions to make cards for – a wedding and an anniversary.

Given the similar themes and the fact I was short on time I created a design for one, which I then adapted for the other.

At this point I need to apologise for the poor pictures – I’m inbetween lightboxes at the moment and so my dining table had to suffice.

The first card I made was the anniversary one I required.anniversary cardSo it wasn’t too plain I varied the hearts between ones that were just cut out the beige card and actual red card hearts, that were attached using foam dots for a bit of height. The ‘happy anniversary’ I found in my stash from an old Oriental themed Do Crafts papercraft collection which I just trimmed down so all I was left with was the sentiment. It’s a golden wedding anniversary so I had to go with gold hearts and I love how this has turned out. wedding card
This was the wedding card I then made and it didn’t seem to photograph as nicely as the first one. Instead of just making the same card again I decided to add in some gold vellum hearts but kept the gold hearts together in the middle as I liked that.

I wanted to add a wedding sentiment but couldn’t find one I liked, nor did I really have any room after all the hearts!

I liked this design as it’s easily adaptable for certain anniversaries or you could do the favourite colours of the happy couple (or their football team). Cutting some hearts out of the beige card meant lining up the rest of the hearts was really easy. If I was trying to stick all 16 down they wouldn’t end up centered on the card at all.

I liked these cards. I’m fairly certain I’ll be reusing the idea the next time there’s an anniversary I’ve forgotten about!

Em x