The Weekend Review: No7 Stay Perfect Mascara

I’m fairly certain I review more mascaras than anything else on here.

I thought I’d found a great mascara in the Estee Lauder Doublewear but the last one I had (coming up in my next empties post) dried up really quickly and I was really put off.

I was in Boots not long ago and remembered that I’d heard that the Stay Perfect mascara (that came out while I was still working for Boots) really didn’t budge. I hadn’t tried it at the time because I also heard that it didn’t give great results on the lashes. I’ve started to accept that to completely avoid panda eyes I’m probably going to have to use a mascara that doesn’t necessarily give me amazing lashes so I popped it into the basket to try. At £12.95 it wasn’t cheap (I forgot I had a No7 voucher as is always the case) so I was hoping I was going to love it. no7 stay perfect mascaraOne things for sure, you’ll never love this in you make up bag!

First thing I really like about this was the brush, it was the perfect size for me and ideal to get all the little lashes. no7 stay perfect wandIt was really easy to apply this. Though I had to move quickly as it tried very fast so once I moved onto the next eye I couldn’t go back and touch up the first. What I’d heard about the effect was true, it’s a nice mascara (particularly for day) but it didn’t blow me away. I guess as it doesn’t claim to – it’s USP is staying perfect all day I couldn’t really be annoyed about that. As for the actual USP of staying all day – it really really does! Not the slightest of smudges, even after a whole day and night of wear. It’s the best mascara I’ve used when it comes to longevity.

Removal however, is terrible. They say on the packaging to put a cotton pad in warm water and place it on your eye for 30 seconds and wipe away. I wish it were that easy but sadly it isn’t. It comes away in bits across your face and I’m fairly certain takes a few eyelashes away with it too. Maybe it’s just a case of practice but after a couple of weeks use I’m getting aggravated by it. I get that whatever they have to do to it that makes it so long wearing means it can’t be removed via traditional methods but so far the suggested method just makes a mess and is a little too rough with my eyes.

I’m still using this at the moment but unless I can find a nicer way to remove it I won’t be repurchasing sadly. I’d love to have finally found the perfect mascara for someone with very oily eyes but this just isn’t it yet. If you have any removal tips please leave them below!

If I do find an easy removal technique – I’ll do a follow up post.

Em x