Blog planning set up in my Kikki K

Since I moved my blog planning into my Kikki K I’ve been changing the set up to get it to a place where it works.

While I’ve pretty much always planned out my posts weeks in advance, the bits just before and after weren’t really well organised or planned. I didn’t really have much of a brainstorming set up for blog post ideas, nor did I have enough specific post planning (what pics I needed, what I wanted to talk about etc) as I just used to write to do lists in my day to day planner of what I needed for each post as I went along.

I’m not going to go through my whole Kikki K set up (but if you want to see that it’s here.) I’m just going to talk through the ‘posts’ section of it.

First up is my brainstorming part and here I’ve used sheets from a Kikki K post planning 1Here I list any post ideas I have and mark them off as I write and publish them. They’re colour coded (the key is at the bottom) and I carry this colour coding through into my monthly post planning, so I don’t end up with weeks that are heavy with just one kind of post. Bottom right is where I made a note of any regular posts that I do each month, again colour coded.

To the right you’ll see the more specific post planning page that I made with my Silhouette. The first column is for the title of the post with a check box for when it is written up and scheduled. The second column is for any notes about the post – anything specific I want to get across or if it’s a product review, my thoughts on the product. The final column is for me to make a list of pictures required for each post with space for me to tick off once they’re taken.

The above pages aren’t the first pages in the blog planning section, despite them being ‘the start’ of blog planning. Instead I open it up to my monthly post planning page, as this is what I refer to most post planning 2This is where I plot out my posts for the month and continue to colour code so I can make sure I have an even spread of subjects. These stay on sticky notes until the post is written and scheduled and then I write it in – this is my favourite way to show that I’m on track with post writing and ensure I don’t ‘miss’ a post planning 3This is how a completed month looks. Again, these are just simple sheets I made myself on my Silhouette.

So this is my simple blog post planning set up. It still needs a few tweaks here and there – at the moment I’m trying to incorporate social media planning (because I’m terrible at promoting my posts on social media) into this in a way that is easy to follow. If you have any planning tips please let me know in the comments below!

Em x