The Weekend Review: NYX Lips [Matte Lip Cream & Butter Lipstick]

In case you missed my post from the other week I finally would up in a Boots that had NYX!

I did a quick overview post of my mini haul here and initially wasn’t too impressed with the lip products. I promised a proper review once I’d been able to give them a proper try and here it is!IMG_7606First up is the Butter Lipstick and out of the two this has grown on me the most. While I still find the packaging a little flimsy feeling it’s a really nice lipstick to apply – really soft on the lips. It’s got a nice sheen to it but it lasts a lot longer than I was expecting it to. On first impressions I didn’t like how this wore off but that hasn’t bothered me on further use. IMG_7612This particular colour is a little too pink for me but I’d be happy getting another one (or three) of these in different colours!

nyx lip cream
Sadly it wasn’t as positive when it came to the lip cream. One of the issues I had was how it take ages to dry leading it to end up looking messy. I got around this by drying it with tissue but then I found the colour was a little dulled. I still can’t get over how badly this wears off though. After a little while (possibly even less time than the lip butter) it winds up looking like I’m just wearing lip liner. I’ve really tried to like this as I really wanted a matte lip product but this sadly just isn’t for me.

I’m happy that my opinion has slightly improved on at least one of these products. I was worried that NYX was going to be a complete fail for me. Thankfully I’m more than happy to try a few more products in the range. Any recommendations? Please let me know below!

Em x