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Late night craft shopping haul

I’ve spoken before about my love for One Stop Craft Shop and their great local showroom.

Sadly since moving jobs and working Monday to Friday I’ve not been able to go all that much. While I’m more than happy to shop online, there’s just something about seeing what you’re buying! (It does mean that I spend way more though) Thankfully, I got a great email last month – they were opening up until 9pm one night a month!

Obviously I had to go for the first night and bring a friend along with me. The evening was great – there was tea and cake and lots of people milling around and catching up! It was nice to sit down with a cuppa and look and all the pretty things I wanted (but didn’t need). My friend definitely seemed to pick up more than me but managed to spend less -d’oh!one stop 1The biggest expense was obviously the  brush markers – I’d been eyeing those up for a while! I haven’t had much of a chance to play with them yet, but did do a quick swatch. IMG_7916These are double ended which is handy for any fine lines or detail and the brush end is nice to write with. I’ve done a couple of okay looking brush letters with them so far. I love the pastel colours and although it doesn’t look it on the cream Kikki K paper above, when I played with these on white paper they dried nicely. I can’t wait to get colouring in some stamped images with them!

I managed to pick up some cute washi tapes that were on sale. I didn’t even need washi but I can’t pass up a bargain! IMG_7838This is great quality washi and a bit thicker and more durable feeling than standard washi. I sometimes have issues with washi sticking properly on card when I’m making cards but this feels like it should work quite well.

My final highlight was picked up by chance at the till (also on sale) – my first deco rush! I’ve seen these everywhere and always been a bit dubious about how good they actually are as I had memories of school and those Tipp Ex tape roller things that were pretty pants. The first time I used this though I was super impressed!IMG_7839While it’s a little wonky thanks to me the strip is perfect – no break in the tape or anything! I really liked this and think it would be perfect for on the go just to add a bit of colour to my planner. I’ve looked into getting a few more of these but they’re pretty expensive. I was finding them for £2.50ish on Etsy which would get me two rolls of normal washi so I haven’t added to my collection just yet. If I saw some on offer again I’ve definitely pick up a few more designs.

If you live in the Buckinghamshire area definitely check out One Stop Craft Shop and their shopping evenings. Let me know if you’re going by commenting below – I’d love to bump into fellow local crafters!

Em x