The Weekend Review: Sephora Eyeliners

Another update today from last month’s Sephora haul and this time it’s the turn of the two eyeliners I picked up.

Two very different ones – a thick pencil and a nice and thin liquid. sephora haul 1First up I’ll talk about the total impulse purchase – the fingertip eyeliner. The concept of this is you essentially wear the applicator on the tip of your finger so it’s easier to apply. I’ve always avoided liquid eyeliner because I can’t apply it properly and so for the sake of a few Euros I thought I’d try it. IMG_7888After getting it out of the packaging for the first time it’s fair to say I was skeptical. But actually once I’d had a little practice it actually applied really well. The second eyelid I did was pretty much perfect! I then kept it on around the house for a few hours to test how long it lasted. It didn’t claim to be waterproof or anything so I wasn’t expecting too much. I touched my eye (the perfect one) after a couple of hours wear and with very little movement of my finger I’d taken all the eyeliner from the inner corner of my eye. It looked I’d just forgotten to do some of my eye. It was the strangest thing. At first I was distraught because that was the eye I’d done well and then I was just confused. It was almost like it hadn’t dried at all? What made it all the more confusing was the first eye I did that had a thicker, slightly messier line was dry to touch and didn’t move much in comparison.

I’m reluctant to try this again in a hurry and sadly they don’t do a waterproof version. Maybe the next time I just need eyeliner for a couple of hours I’ll give it a whirl. This is a massive shame as I actually really liked the applicator. The only bright side is it’s making me think I’m open to trying another liquid eyeliner at some point.

Now onto an actual waterproof eyeliner and one my mother uses everyday and swears by.IMG_7934This is my kind of eyeliner – something nice and thick and easy to use. IMG_7935I loved this colour in the shop – a really nice purple without being too bright. sephora eyelinersThis looks really nice on without looking too dramatic and heavy.

This eyeliner doesn’t budge on my mum all day. Thanks to my super oily eyelids it did move a little on mine but not enough to put me off using it – I didn’t have panda eyes going on or anything. Love this eyeliner and will definitely be checking out other colours next time I’m in a store (I don’t order online as it works out way to expensive).

Have you tried either of these? Or have a great recommendation for a waterproof liquid eyeliner? Let me know in the comments!

Em x