The Weekend Review: Sephora Sheet Masks

I jumped on the sheet mask bandwagon.

When I went to Sephora on holiday last month they had their own range so I decided to pick up a few and give them a try. They were a little more expensive than what I’d normally pay for a mask – it was just over 10 Euros for four and in that you could mix and match masks for your face, eyes, nose, hands and feet. These are the ones I picked up:IMG_7677I picked up four sheet masks for the face, an eye mask, a nose strip and a pot of face mask. The masks are all colour coded according to what they’re focusing on – the purple ones are all about anti ageing, the greens are for blemishes, the pink is moisturising and finally the blue is purifying.

I’ve tried every different type of mask so far and just got a couple of the face ones left. I’ll start with those ones first…

You open the package and the mask is inside with a backing on it. The hardest part is getting the backing off and it not folding up into itself in the process. Once that is done you need to place it over your face. It was my first time using a sheet mask so I needed a little practice as it seemed once it was on my face, it wasn’t that easy to move around. If I needed to adjust where it was I had to to take the whole thing off and start again. It was easier to apply starting from the top of the face and working down, though I’ve not been able to get the eyes right yet. The last time I used one it ended up irritating my eye and I had to take it off early. Once on, these masks do feel nice but strange. As they pretty much don’t move you don’t to have to lie down for the 15 mins they’re on (as I assumed) and can walk around fairly normally. I tried the green ‘blemish’ one first and while I’ve had some nice skin since (possibly due a couple of other things I’ve been doing) I did actually react to it slightly. Which is pretty rare for me but it felt tingly and went red around my forehead just before my hairline. Thankfully it calmed down overnight and was fine the next day.

Strangely, the same didn’t happen with the pot of anti blemish face mask which is a green gel that looks, smells and feels exactly the same as what’s on the equivalent sheet mask. Each pot will do for around 4 masks as a little goes a long way and it’s actually a sleeping mask – another first for me. I did quite like this mask and would be tempted to try more of them the next time I’m in a Sephora.

The sheet masks almost feel too much of a faff and I like my skin to feel like they’ve had a real treat after a mask which I’m not sure they did with the sheet masks so I’m in a little ‘meh’ about those.

The eye masks, which are two small masks that go from under your bottom eye line all the way down past your cheekbones – covering those pesky eyebags – are much less of a faff. I really liked the one I tried and wished I’d bought more. They stay very nicely on your skin and again you can pretty much act normally with them on your face. I tried the anti ageing one and my eye area did actually look more plumped after use. I’ll definitely be stocking up on these soon!

Finally and on to my favourite product of all them all – the charcoal nose strip. Oh my god this was amazing! For a start it’s larger than a normal nose strip so it does cover a lot more area which is fab as I tend to get my blocked pores around the bottom edges of my nose anyway. I left it on for fifteen minutes and peeled it off (it was kinda painful) and looked at the strip, as you do. I’ve honestly never seen so much stuff on a pore strip after use. I loved it! I now need to go back on holiday to get a hold of some more as I can’t go back to normal pore strips again. I looked at ordering from Sephora online but it was going to cost £25 just for 5 thanks to their excessive shipping and taxes (cheers Sephora) and while they’re good, I’m not paying that!

Overall I’m pretty happy with these Sephora masks. I probably wouldn’t buy the full face sheets again (or try any other kind) but I’ll definitely be checking out all the others next time I’m in store.

Em x