How I stopped wasting foundation

I’m a massive fan of the Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer

What I’m not a massive fan of is the spatula that you have to scoop foundation out with (read my full review here) as I just end up taking far too much product out and onto the back of my hand. I’m aware that this is my problem, more than the foundation’s and thanks to a holiday with hand luggage only I’ve got a neat little way round wasting loads of my favourite foundation.stila potIt’s pretty simple but was a bit of a revelation to me: a travel pot! The one in the pic is the top of a set of stacking pots from Boots (about £2) and it works perfectly. I just load it up with foundation from the full size every so often and to use I just lightly dip my stippling brush into it. I probably use about 4-5 dips for a full face and am using around half the foundation I was before when I was dunking it onto the back of my hand. Along with wasting less I’m actually using less foundation on my face now too. I’m only using what I need for nice coverage, instead of caking it on because I’ve got some still left on my hand.

Using foundation out of a pot also helps on those days when you need slightly different coverage than normal. I don’t use a set amount of foundation each day – this is dictated by how many spots I have that day. Even when I had a foundation with a pump I still had days where there was wastage because there’s always times where you need a little less product than normal. If I ever did go back to a foundation with a pump I’d probably still use this trick.

Hopefully this little trick helps someone else who always puts too much product on the back of their hand. Next up I might try this with primer too as I frequently end up sqeezing far too much out!

Em x

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