We R Memory Keepers Heat Wave Review

One of the fab birthday presents I got back in June was a heat tool for foiling with.

I’ve been keeping an eye on these for a while so I super excited to get given one!heatwave 1

This past week I *finally* got chance to sit down and use it! heatwave 2The twenty sheets it comes with is very generous. I used just one for my project (and accidentally ruined half the sheet) so I can see them lasting ages (unless you’ve got a favourite colour). They are quite bold colours though and I’m not too sure I see myself using a great deal of that royal blue. If you’re more of a pastels lover, you might want to hunt down some other colours (I found some inexpensive pinks on Amazon).

You need three AA batteries to get this going and if you’ve installed them correctly as soon as it is switched on a bright white LED lights up just below the end of the tool. I’m making a point of saying this as the instructions on the box don’t tell you and I was waiting for a few minutes expecting the light to work when it was fully heated or something. But no. Instead I had dead batteries and didn’t know. Speaking of heating up there is no way of knowing if it’s to temperature, you just have to give it a few minutes before trying to use.

I picked up a stencil a couple of weeks ago to try with the tool as I didn’t want to try freehand immediately. one stop 1I didn’t really think that through because a) it was self adhesive (which I thought would be easier) and b) it was plastic and thus melted slightly during use. The adhesive was problematic because it ruined any part of the foil it came into contact with so if you placed the stencil incorrectly the first time, you’d have to use a different part of the foil when it came to moving it. This is why I ended up using a whole sheet for a small project.

The foil is very thin and for someone not very graceful like me it can be a bit of a faff to use. Once you’ve got it placed on your project though it’s absolutely fine, though I would recommend securing it with a little bit of washi just until you start. Once you’ve started fusing it it’ll stay in place anyway.

The main difficulty with using this is knowing which bits are done and which aren’t because the foil doesn’t look any different. It’s only when you lift the foil up that you find out how many gaps you’ve got.
IMG_8169Going over it with another little bit of foil wouldn’t be too much trouble, but I quite like the effect I got here. On the second attempt I went over everything a bit more and while the gold was more solid, my lines weren’t as sharp from where the stencil was starting to melt.IMG_8171I do really like the effect this tool creates. It’s pretty inexpensive to try out and it adds something a little different to my cards. I’d probably use it to highlight some simple embellishments on cards and make my own stencils out of card with my Silhouette in future. We R Memory Keepers do sell stencils but at around £5 a time making my own will work out far cheaper.

I’m fairly certain they recommend using their own foils but while I haven’t tried any others, I don’t see it being an issue using other foils for other heat tools. The Papermania ones I linked up above are the cheapest that I’ve found so far.

If you’ve tried this or another foiling machine, let me know how you found them in the comments below!

Em x

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