Idea Owl Travelers Notebook Subscription Box Review

I’m really getting into my Midori at the moment and have been using it a lot.

When I saw something pop on Instagram a few weeks ago for a brand new travelers notebook subscription box I had to give it a try!

It’s by The Idea Owl, who I’d never heard of before but they’re a UK based online stationery shop (not through Etsy). I instantly saw a million things I wanted to buy from the shop but just limited myself to the subscription box!

The great thing about this box is that you can choose both the size and type of insert you receive each month – I went with a standard dot paper. Alongside the notebook you get a whole heap of other goodies to use both in your TN, and any other planners you may have. IMG_8022Upon opening this it was very easy to tell the lovely summer theme this month!

First up is the insert on the top left and I was really happy with this. The cover is double sized thick paper/thin card and there’s 30 pages in total in the insert (which is more than my Travelers Times insert). The paper is bright white, good quality and has dots 1/2cm apart. IMG_8266The paper is more porous than I’ve had before in my Travelers Times insert – it doesn’t have that silky stiffness to it and that means that gel pens are lovely to write with on this paper. I tried both the gel pen that came with the kit and my Faber Castell and neither significantly ghosted on the paper, but the gel pen by far had the best results on the page.

Now would be a good time to talk about the gel pen. I’ve seen very similar pens all over Etsy and Ali Express and had written this off as cheap and pants before I even tried it. HOWEVER. This pen is lovely to write with! If you’ve seen my latest weekly post that’s what I’ve been using to write with and I can’t get enough of it. It’s just a thin black gel pen but it never skips and my writing is so nice using it! I’ll definitely be picking up some more of these soon!

The pen board is what you see to the right of the insert and this is a piece of laminated double sided cardstock. I’ll probably end up using this as a dashboard because I tend to use paper as a pen board as I prefer the results.

The stickers and washi tape are actually both products I currently sell in my Etsy store! They’re nice items but I wasn’t too sure how they fit with the theme? The sticky notes however were perfect for the theme and I really like them. They’re a bit big to be using in my TN though, so I’ll probably just use them elsewhere.

Finally and onto the paperclip which I wasn’t 100% sold on sadly. I’m not a huge paperclip person so it was always going to be a hard sell but if I do put clips in my planner they tend to be really functional and not stick up out of the planner.

Overall this box was a bit mixed for me. I loved the insert and will definitely buy more and am so glad I was introduced to that gel pen! However when I added up the value of the goodies and factored in how many I’d have picked out for myself it didn’t feel great value for me. As I know that can sometimes be the case with subscription boxes and it was the first ever month of this box I am going to give it a whirl for another month as next month it could be a theme and selection of products I love!

Em x