The Weekend Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

So I don’t think I’ve ever used a Sally Hansen nail colour before. 

While I was idly wandering around Boots one day I happened upon the Sally Hansen stand and figured now would be a good time to actually try it! Despite it being the height of summer, I opted for a cool plum colour. I went for the complete salon manicure range because if I don’t want the effort of gels, I want a one product solution instead of base and top coats.sally hansen 1The picture above shows two coats of the colour. It’s very nice to apply, with a wide thick brush (my favourite kind). As you’ll see there’s not a huge amount of shine to the finish. This is largely due to the fact that the layers didn’t dry properly and since I apply this before bed, the effect was ruined sightly by my duvet.

However, for a ‘regular’ nail colour, the shine was what you’d expect and certainly the finish was of a higher quality than other normal nail colours I’ve tried over the years.

I was never expecting this to last too long on my nails, as nothing ever does, particularly as I now climb but I was pretty happy to get almost a week of good wear with this before I removed it. It lasted longer than Essie colours do on my nails, for example.

Overall really happy with this and the quality. It’s £6.99 at Boots but I bought mine on offer (think it was £5) so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more the next time it’s on offer!

Em x