Look Fantastic August Review

I’m running out of ways to introduce the monthly LF posts.

I’ve been subscribed to this for so long now. 9 months. I thought it might be the longest I’d ever subbed to a box but a quick search of my blogging history tells me it’s actually My Little Box and 11 months, so not long to go really.

This month the theme of the box was Best of British which I loved the idea of – some cool home grown brands!IMG_8159Overall I was really excited to dive into this box – quite a few of the products really caught my eye as soon as I opened it. IMG_8161Lets start with the two products I was most excited about: Percy & Reed Wonder Balm (which I can’t find on the LF website) and Balance Me Congested Skin Serum. I always love to try new hair products but on closer inspection, I was a bit confused by the balm. It claims to do all things regular hair balms do – taming frizz, smoothing ends etc but also claims to be useful as a hair primer for all other products and makes them work better. When I used this on it’s own it was nice enough on my hair (although the smoothing/finishing results weren’t as good as the Silk hair creme I’d received in a previous box) but when used underneath that or another hair product I didn’t really see an improvement. In fact if anything, my hair felt greasier and a little overloaded. This is the first time I’ve used Percy & Reed and while I haven’t been put off the brand entirely, I won’t be purchasing this.

I was very excited for the skin serum, due to my breakouts. I’ve found that lots of chemicals make my skin worse but this is 99% natural. I’ve been using this every night now for two weeks and aside from a little wobble, my skin has been looking really good. This isn’t going down too quickly but I won’t be hesitating to buy more of this when it runs out – and at £16 for 15ml it’s a really good price. I’m sure I’ve had a previous Balance Me product in a box before but I’ll definitely be seeking out more products to try now. IMG_8163Next up are two more products I wasn’t upset to see – a new eye cream from Renu Skin and Lip Balm from Bee Good. I’ve been using the eye cream twice daily for two weeks now and really like it. While my dark circles haven’t been reduced and I haven’t yet seen any difference to any lines (that I can tell) it’s a lot less dry around my eyes and lips. I can tell as my make up has been wearing far better throughout the day. I’m going to hold out full judgement on this until I’ve used the whole tube (which may take a while as it’s going down slowly) but at £52 for 25ml I would need to see some improvement to my dark circles in particular, to purchase.

My mum swears by the Bee Good cleanser so I was really happy to see the brand in this month’s box. I used this at bedtime a couple of times and hated it. It definitely make my lips sore which I’d never really encountered with a lip balm before. I don’t quite understand what my lips reacted to as my favourite ever lip balm is Burt’s Bees! Very odd.IMG_8165Finally and the two products I was a little confused by – two facial sprays? As someone who doesn’t use any I wasn’t all that impressed to see these. I decided to use the Bloom and Blossom after I’ve cleaned off my make up using the Makeup Eraser and before my moisturiser, as my skin can get a little dry after using the eraser. This apparently helps reduce fine lines, dark circles and helps your skin look radiant. This stuff stung. Every time I used it, around my face in different places. As someone who doesn’t normally react to skincare, to react to two things in one box was a bit of a surprise. Needless to say, I won’t be buying this.

The REN Anti Pollution Mist I haven’t used yet, as I haven’t really been in a location where I’m concerned about pollution so can’t really comment. Maybe I should just be using this daily? I do feel this is a product that fills a gap that isn’t really there? Well, I’m sure it is there, but I’m not really one of those people that is concerned about pollution on my skin? Should I be? At £24, it’s not exactly cheap either…

While I only liked half the products in this month’s box, I’m still really happy with it! I only pay £13.33 and it’s more than worth it each month.

Em x

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