Shopping my craft stash?

I need to save some money.

Well, actually that’s not strictly true. I’m basically running out of space for craft supplies and don’t really need any more. I’m therefore going on a craft no spend. I probably have enough supplies to make hundreds of cards for pretty much any occasion over the next year so I have no real excuse for buying anything at all. craft stashThis set of Ikea drawers holds most of my patterned papers.

I’ve popped the names of the ranges that are inside each drawer to try and help me keep track of what I have. It used to be one post it to a drawer, but as I’ve added to my stash things have had to be moved around. Each drawer is pretty full. ikea metal drawersThe bottom door is just full of Christmas stuff.

This isn’t all my cardmaking goodies. I have 6×6 paper pads in other drawers, all my embellishments separate and three large drawers just dedicated to plain coloured card and papers.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking I don’t actually have that many supplies but it’s definitely getting to a point where I’m running out of room and so something must be done. Here’s the rules:

  • No spending of money on anything relating to cardmaking/papercraft
  • No spending of money on storing any cardmaking/papercraft supplies
  • The only thing I can buy is essential supplies such as glues and tapes
  • Tidy and rearrange my current stash so I can find everything and see it all better at a glance (i.e. update the post its!)

While I haven’t gotten around to sorting out my stash yet, since I set myself this challenge a few weeks ago I haven’t bought anything, yay!

My first test was I needed to make an anniversary card for my grandparents and so went searching through my piles of supplies to find some cute papers to use. anniversary cardI’ve got stacks of Forever Friends bits to use up and it’s a perfect range to use for family cards. Using decopage sheets like the ones used above are also a super quick and easy way to throw a nice card together!

So this is my little challenge. I’m intending for it to last at least until the end of the year, if not longer! Have you done a similar challenge? How did it go?

Em x