Idea Owl August Travelers Notebook Subscription Review

Last month I posted about my first month with a new subscription, a travelers notebook based one. 

I wasn’t 100% on it but I wanted to give it another month, as it was a brand new sub box. Well, August’s arrived and I was really digging the theme.Travelers notebook subscriptionPretty leaves and flowers – love it! Gnomes aren’t really my thing but I wasn’t going to complain about this high quality insert. Easily my favourite thing in the package again. You get one of the pencil boards every month and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this one (or what I’d do if I were to stay subscribed to this). I would’ve loved to see a bookmark instead perhaps? Or an actual dashboard? travelers notebook insertThe pen, while looking pretty (I have the original Swarovski it’s based on) is a standard ball point pen, with a large nib. I’m not a huge fan of ballpoints sadly so this will probably just be used to make a pen pot look nice.

The rest of the bits were very much in keeping with the garden theme.plant washi tape flower post itsThe washi isn’t my usual style but I’ve already used it in a planner layout and I’m ready to use those super cute stickers for Autumn! I prefer the planner clip to last month’s but again I probably won’t be using it as I find clips like that get in the way too much. It’s another item that will definitely look pretty on my desk though!

The post its are very pretty but I’m a little confused by them for the simple reason that they’re massive? Much like last months post its actually. They would feel far too big to use in my travelers notebook (they’re around a third of the size of my standard). That’s not to say I don’t like them, I just don’t see their use in a travelers notebook but I may be in the minority here.

I did like this month’s box – and much preferred it to last months. However, I’m not using inserts at a rate of one per month so I have cancelled this subscription for now as I’m collecting a little pile of fresh inserts. When I do need more inserts, I’ll either resubscribe or purchase Idea Owl inserts separately.

Em x