The Weekend Review: Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse

I have what I like to call ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ hair.

Meaning, when I let it dry naturally, that’s exactly what it looks like has happened to me.

Over the years I’ve tried a few different curling products and none have really done anything other than maybe make my hair good and greasy.

When I was in M&S recently I picked up some Living Proof curling mousse on clearance for just £6, down from £22. Sadly it’s not available from their website anymore, but you may be able to still pick it up in store.dsc_0398The instructions state to use around a golf ball sized amount which I find a good amount for my shoulder length hair. It’s quite a thick mousse and does have a strongish scent to it that’s not horrible (to me) but it’s a little chemical-ly and so may put some of you off. It’s easy enough to work through the hair and total hair faff time from taking off the towel to moving onto putting my make up on was about 3 minutes. Awesome!

My hair can go a little crunchy using this but nothing that a little scrunch with wet hands can’t sort. Nothing compared to what I’ve had in the past. It’s totally worth it though because my hair was actually curly using this. I’ve got curls that I haven’t ever had with a perm of curling tongs. It’s amazing! Even on the thin side of my hair (due to years of over straightening) I’ve got curls! It’s so good I rushed out and bought another can the next day. I’m going to be taking it away with me on holiday (they don’t do it in a travel size which is bonkers in my opinion) and I’m even debating going to work with curly hair which I’ve never ever done!

My hair isn’t in full ringlets (although I did see a few underneath) it’s just really nice soft curls that look nice, instead of messy. Exactly what I want from a curling product.

While I haven’t been brave enough to take pictures of the finished result (I’m not a big selfie person) keep an eye out on my Instagram where I’ll try and get a picture soon, promise!

I’d heard great things about Living Proof but had never tried anything in the range before. On the back of this mousse, I’ll certainly be trying more! If you have any tips for stand out products – let me know in the comments below!

Em x