My Week #37

We’ve taken a trip back in time today as last week I was away on holiday!

So instead of posting last week’s spread I’m posting the week before’s as I really love it!my week filofaxUsing some pretty washi from Sainsburys as a base I love the soft pastel colours from this week. I tried something layering washi on the days as I’ve seen it around and I like the effect it was created – I think I’ll be doing something like more often.

I was busy with lots of holiday prep which you can see by all the checklists! I much prefer having cute little checklists like these, rather than bigger ones that take up the whole box as that gives me enough room in the day to write other things or use other stickers around them.

Filofax Personal Original in Fuschia

Just So Stationery

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Michelle and Patch (now closed)
Bubba Bear Studios
Chocho and Mimi
Once More With Love
Dream Big and Plan
Emelys Planner Shop

Em x
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