Look Fantastic September Review

Look Fantastic time again!

This month it arrived just in time for my holiday, and I was hoping for some great treats to take away with me.look fantastic septemberI opened up the box and I must admit I was a wee bit disappointed – a body butter I’d had before (though not sure if through LF or another box), a shampoo, a sachet of something and an odd looking pencil from Lord and Berry. look fantastic September contentsI’ll start off with the Lord and Berry pencil and it seems there was a mix up as I got a note saying I’d received the wrong colour product than that advertised in the the little magazine, with a coupon code for 20% off Lord and Berry, which was a nice touch. look fantastic bare minerals lord and berryThe pencil seems to be a mini version of this concealer and luminizer stick but it doesn’t really work as a miniature. It looks more like an eye pencil and so using this either as a concealer or highlighter is a bit of a faff because the pencil is so small. img_8457The shade itself – shown underneath the lipstick in the pic above is nice and I would happily use it in the proper form (a nice chubby stick), but this just doesn’t work as a little pencil.

The lipstick swatched above is the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie – a lipstick I’ve used and liked before. They’re always soft, and apply nicely and come in really flattering shades. This shade is called ‘Get Ready’ and is a little pinkier than what I would normally go for – however I do like it on me. I can easily use this for both day or nighttime although it’s not particularly long wearing sadly. look fantastic bb creamMore make up and this time the Argan Liquid Gold BB Cream – the editor’s pick this month. I couldn’t find this on the Look Fantastic website, but found it online for £70! I was hoping for good stuff from this. argan liquid gold bb creamIt definitely felt nice on the skin – nourished as promised in the product blurb in the magazine. As you can see though it comes out quite dark. It does promise to adapt to your skin tone and while it didn’t come out quite this dark once rubbed into my face. It was probably still a little darker than what I needed and sadly the coverage wasn’t nearly enough. Particularly when I was able to compare it to the Dead Sea Spa Magik one I received in a previous Look Fantastic box. Overall I was really unimpressed with this – it’s definitely not worth £70 (to me).

The little sachet turned out to be eye pads – the kind that sit underneath your eye. I’m really loving this kind of eye pads at the moment so I was happy to try these out. While Gatineau is a brand I’m aware of, I’ve never used any of their products before. These pads are a whopping £36 for six pairs of pads. Another high end product from LF this month. I really liked using these and my skin definitely felt plumped afterwards, much like after using the Sephora ones I tried a while back. If I can find these on a good deal, or a great voucher code I think I’d be tempted to repurchase. look fantastic sept reviewNext up is the shampoo that I was a little ‘meh’ about upon opening. This shampoo is £28 for the full size and has some great credentials such as being SLS and paraben free. It’s a nice shampoo to use and great to keep in the bathroom for those times your hair feels a little heavy and nasty. Unlike some clarifying shampoos it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry and wiry and so if you struggle with using too many products on your hair and it feeling weighed down, this is a great product to try.

Finally the Bliss body butter and while I wasn’t excited by it as I’ve tried it before Bliss body butters are probably one of my favourite body moisturisers (along with Laura Mercier) and so I wasn’t mad to have some more for my stash. They always smell amazing, sink beautifully into the skin and make it feel hydrated without being oily. I could only find the large pro version on the LF website but the normal size version of the other scents is only £22 and it’s totally worth it for such a great moisturiser.

Sadly this was a bit of a ‘meh’ month for me. As it was Look Fantastic’s birthday box I was expecting so much more, with maybe even a full size thrown in. Oh well, not long until next month’s arrives!

Em x

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