The new blog look and a wee life update

I do hope you all missed me…

Okay so I don’t really think anyone will have noticed that there’s been no posts lately but hopefully when this post hits your feed you’ll at least be intrigued enough to open it up and give it a look. 

First up I’ll talk about the new blog look! Not only do I have a pretty new theme from Etsy (just another reason why Etsy is awesome) but I’m now self hosted. While this doesn’t change anything too much for my readers it does mean I’m now responsible for keeping this thing working! The process took a little longer than I’d hoped before I could get back to writing. Partly because I changed my mind at the last minute about the theme but also because on Sunday I kind of broke everything and had to start again.

Remember guys: back up your blog!

I hadn’t backed up as I wasn’t done tinkering but it definitely set me behind a bit. In case you’re wondering by the way, I broke my blog trying to fix my featured image issue. Thanks to the less than great WordPress importer for some reason very few posts from this year have retained their featured image. Instead, there’s now a very bright box telling me the size the image should be. So apologies for that if you come across it.

So anyway, back to the blog changes. I’m also going to change up how often I post. Before I was posting four times a week and I felt the quality of my content was suffering. I was also getting a little burnt out. These few weeks off have done me some good though and I feel geared up to write loads (and I have lots of ideas bubbling around in my head). From now on I’m going to be less strict with my editorial calendar and so some weeks I may still post four posts, whereas others it may just be a couple of times. I also won’t be posting ‘my week’ each week and saving that just for Instagram now – so be sure to follow me there if you like to see my pages each week!

What have I been doing the last month?

I’ve now sat down to write this paragraph and I’ve absolutely no idea! I’ve been working a lot. Work has gotten pretty mad lately, which is good as I love to be busy!

In other news I may have got an early Christmas present from Ed – and there is a 2017 set up post coming very soon!
filofax burnt orangeI’ve also been trying out some exciting new goodies (reviews coming soon!) These were all bought while I was on holiday in September. Sephora, please open in the UK!sephora haul kat von dI’ve also been busy making lots of new stickers for the shop (obviously)! It has taken me way too long to get around to making a panda themed kit but it’s finally here! Along with some cute new Winter stickers!panda planner stickers

As I’m now in my final few months before I hit 30 I’ve become very aware of my health and fitness (or lack of). Therefore this month I started a new health kick. Of course I couldn’t do this without the back up of a new planner so I’ve set up a student Happy Planner for that very reason and will be showing you how I use it very soon. If you have any great fitness tips, particularly the tracking side of things, please let me know!

Hopefully this serves as a little reminder of who I am! Please let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the new look! polkadotparadiso