Look Fantastic October Review

October’s Look Fantastic box was so beautifully timed.

As the evenings start to get darker and colder, thoughts turn away from spending my evenings on the balcony or in beer gardens, to candles, fairy lights and long baths. In this month’s box I was excited to find everything I’d need for all those pamper evenings I’ve got ahead. look fantastic octoberNot one but two face masks, a hair treatment, lip balm and bath soak. Relaxing bliss, right there. Oh and a lip liner thrown in for good measure. It was called the Look Fantastic Pamper Box and it really lived up it’s name. lfpamper box

Obviously the first thing I had to do was run a bath!

mio liquid yogaThat bath smelt amazing. The essential oils packed into the Liquid Yoga really work a treat. This bright green (yes really) bath soak smells slightly menthol, but without being overpowering. It’s quite runny, so I felt like I didn’t have to use loads (which is handy as the full size is £26). I actually used this after yoga and the bath just felt amazing to soak into. I usually just buy bath products based on scent alone and don’t normally think about what it can actually do but I may start to after using this. My skin felt soft and I actually felt more relaxed and my muscles soothed. Added bonus: it’s free from a lot of chemicals so those with sensitive skin should be okay.

It’s been a while since I used a hair treatment so I was looking forward to trying the Caviar Oil Creme. To ensure I didn’t put this anywhere near the roots I tied my hair up and coated what went through the bobble with the creme. It is recommended to use all over the hair but I get oily roots so didn’t want to risk it. I left it on for the recommended fifteen minutes and then stepped into the shower to shampoo and condition. Once out of the shower I dried my hair and was a bit disappointed really. My hair actually felt a bit coarser than it had started. It had actually done the opposite to what I’d expected – to smooth the hair fibres. My hair has also been frizzier since. I’ll give it another go but I can’t imagine I’ll want to repurchase this sadly.

On to the face masks…

murad oskia face masks

The first face mask is from a brand I’d heard of before – Oskia. This stuff is pretty expensive though at £49.50 a tub! This mask is all about exfoliating and brightening the skin. Given how stressed and clogged my skin is right now I was looking forward to trying it. This isn’t a massive sample size and I used a third of the tub in just one use. The thick gel applies nicely, smells luxurious and tingles slightly on the skin. If it’s your first use it’s recommended you leave it on for just ten minutes but can build up to 20. I managed fifteen minutes. My skin felt nice and soft after using it and my skin has been clearing up. I’ll definitely continue to use this weekly but I’m not sure I’m willing to fork out £50 for another pot.

The second face mask, from Murad is also £49.50. I see a theme here. It also felt a little unnecessary as it’s also focused on radiance. Given I’d already used the Oskia mask, I saved this for the following week. Previous Murad products I’ve tried haven’t impressed me but I kept an open mind. The first thing I noticed was the smell which is very similar to the REN Glycolic Acid mask which isn’t surprising considering the main ingredient in this is Glycolic Acid. This mask is a gel/cream like the Oskia one so it sinks into the skin nicely.

I can’t really tell much difference between the Murad mask and the Oskia one – they both had similar results. Both left my skin feeling nice and soft and my skin has been clearing up nicely (without drying out) since using them. I have the same issue with both though – the price.

Lip care time

lip care look fantastic

While I’m very faithful to my Burts Bees I’ll always try out a new lip balm. This is just £7.26 and is sold out and I can see why. It actually comes out of the tube like an oil so it sinks into the lips nice and quickly so it doesn’t leave an annoying residue on the lips. My only complaint is the full size is in a tin rather than a tube – I love the easy to use applicator on the sample.

Finally was a bit of a random item in my eyes – the Laura Geller waterproof lip liner. This is £14 to buy so I’m pretty happy to get this ‘sample’ in the box as it’s worth more than the box! It was also perfectly timed as it goes perfectly with my new Kat Von D lipstick (review coming soon) so have been using this daily. It’s the first lip liner I’ve properly used and I really like it. It’s a nice soft pencil and extremely easy to apply (perfect for a lip liner virgin like me). I’ve been keeping tabs on how long it lasts and it’s been keeping up nicely with my lipstick in terms of longevity. It’s not that easy to sharpen sadly but that’s my only complaint about this. It’s the first Laura Geller product I’ve used and I’ll definitely be trying more soon.

I’m really happy with this month’s Look Fantastic Box. I’ve discovered some great brands I’ll want to try again like Laura Geller and some products I’ll definitely repurchase – like the Liquid Yogapolkadotparadiso