Latest Etsy Sticker Hauls!

I’ve been back buying stickers on Etsy

I love supporting fellow Etsy sticker shops! As much as I’d love to save a load of money and only make my own stickers I just can’t resist some of the great stickers other people create.This month I discovered some new shops and didn’t regret ordering from them one bit. Whenever you order for the first time from anywhere there’s a bit of a worry about whether it’s going to be any good. Thankfully, I’m rarely disappointed on Etsy.

First up is a crazy popular shop that I had never heard of before. I’ve no idea how…

Keena Prints

The first thing to say about this shop is the prices are super impressive. Each sheet is around the £2 or less mark and the shipping is around £2.50 which for a shop outside of the EU is pretty awesome. keena-prints

I was just too keen to get using these stickers that this is the only picture I took! They happened to arrive on the same day as my Zebra Mildliners which I have been coveting for ages!

As you can see, the sheets are small and cute! Given I very rarely actually use all the stickers on a sheet in a timely manner they’re an ideal size. The two smaller sheets at the front are little samplers you can order which I dropped into my basket as they’ve got a couple of stickers on there that I wanted but didn’t need a whole sheet of.

The sticker paper is ordinary matt paper and the stickers peel off nice and easily. When ordering you can choose to have the sheets hole punched so you can pop them on a ring and easily organise. Keena also sells cute sticker books but sadly they’re £20 and I wouldn’t want to get hit with customs.

I loved these stickers so much that when Keena was running a coupon code I swiftly placed a second order! It should hopefully be with me this week! Keenaprints is definitely worth a follow on Instagram as her spreads are awesome and she runs quite a few coupon codes!

Sticking with the Jones’

This is a fairly new shop and also UK based! I love supporting my fellow UK sellers. sticking-with-the-jones

As you can see I took a proper picture this time! These are normal sticker paper sheets but they have a lovely soft texture to them. They’re not like a normal paper texture, but writing on them is still easy to do. The sheets vary in price from £1.50 – £2.50 which is pretty reasonable for the sizes of the sheets.

This is still a pretty new shop and it would be fab to show it some love! The lovely Holly at Sticking with the Jones’ has offered a special coupon code just for my readers! Enter ‘Emma15’ on any orders over £5 to get 15% off! You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Cutie Studio

Another big shop I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of before. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of it! happy cutie studio

These sheets are all £2 which is amazing value for how many stickers you get on a sheet! These are ordinary paper stickers and the pastel colours are lovely and seem to go in any layout perfectly. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen these stickers appear in every week since I got them!

I haven’t placed a second order (yet) but my cart is full and ready to go! There’s so much choice and it’s very easy to just put one of everything in your basket. I also think it would be difficult to think of a sticker that you can’t get in the shop.

As this is also another UK shop it’s fantastic for shipping as it’s nice and low and you don’t have to worry about customs (so you can place a big order!).

I am actually on a bit of a no spend at the moment but I think come Black Friday I’ll have a little splurge. If there’s any shops you think I should check out let me know in the comments! polkadotparadiso

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