Look Fantastic November Review

Another box of treats from Look Fantastic!

It’s the start of the festive season! So I was expecting some goodies to get me looking Christmas party ready!When the box arrived I couldn’t wait to get it open…

Look Fantastic November

Upon opening though, I wasn’t that excited. There was no ‘wow’ product that instantly jumped out at me, like there normally is.


Look Fantastic L'Oreal and Sebatstian

First up is the Sebastian Professional Spray Gel. I was confused about this as there were no instructions on the bottle or in the little magazine you get with the box. This is a common issue with items I get in the Look Fantastic box. After finding the product online I found you spray it on damp hair and then blow dry to give your hair some volume. I don’t struggle with volume (I have too much, if anything) and so I haven’t tried this.

The L’Oreal Mythic Oil was the editors pick this month and I have to say I wasn’t keen to try it. My hair can get greasy so I tend to avoid any products that include the word ‘oil’. However. When I did eventually try this – one pump all over my hands and brushed through my hair – I was in love. This feels light, smells lovely and settles my stray bits nicely. It finishes my hair off, without leaving it feeling greasy or weighed down. It’s £14 for 100ml and while I know it’ll take me ages to use up the sample, it’s definitely on my ‘to buy’ list.

Monu Skin Recovery Balm

The only skincare item this month, courtesy of Monu Skin. A brand I’ve had before from Look Fantastic. This was a very welcome choice as the weather gets cold and horrible as my skin (normally greasy) dries out very easily in Winter.

Monu Skin Recovery Balm

There’s a very neutral scent to this, and it applies nicely on the skin. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t seem to sink into my skin. A thin layer seems to stay on top of my skin which causes issues when I try and apply  primer using my fingers. Residue ends up peeling up off my skin. It even does it when I just have bare skin all day. I stopped using this pretty quickly. At £25 for 50ml it’s not cheap and it’s actually sold out on Look Fantastic, so perhaps I’m one of the few that didn’t like it?

Model Co Blush

The first of this month’s make up products is another blush, this time from Model Co. I really don’t go through blush quick enough to keep up with the number of blushes I get from Look Fantastic.

Model Co Blush

This is probably a little too coral for me. I haven’t swatched it as I think I’ll probably give it away. I prefer blushes with more pink.


A couple of beauty accessories this month, in the form of an emery board and make up brush. Look Fantastic October accessories

It’s really tricky to pick up in the picture but the emery board is a beautiful silver glitter. I have a glass nail file so won’t use this too much, but it looks pretty in my make up pot!

The Look Good Feel Better Angled Blending Brush is a really nice quality. The bristles are lovely and soft and the handle is sturdy and well made. It’s definitely worth it’s £6.99 price point. I haven’t used this brush though because I don’t use eyeshadow too much. It’s worth saying it feels huge compared to my other eye brushes. It’s almost half the size of my lid. As it’s just a blending brush it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I like to feel a bit more precise with my brushes.

Bloom and Blossom Revitalizing Foot and Leg Spray

This was another product I wasn’t too excited to see.

Bloom and Blossom Foot and Leg Spray

But given my increase in exercise lately this worked out to be very handy. A spray on my legs the morning after a tough workout and my legs felt a lot more human. I’ve used this a few times now and I like it a lot. I can’t be the only one as it’s also sold out on the Look Fantastic website. But at £14 when it is in stock, it’s a really good price.

There were a few standout products in October’s box. But overall I wasn’t too excited by it sadly. It was called the #lfsparkle box but aside from a glitter emery board there wasn’t too much sparkle actually in this box. LFSPARKLE
As December’s box is the Christmas box I’m hoping for some actual Festive Sparkle! Fingers crossed!polkadotparadiso

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