Mini Happy Planner Review

After my love of my Classic Happy Planner I had to cave and buy the Mini version!

I saw all the pictures of how cute it was and once I knew I could order one online from the Mambi website I didn’t spend long thinking about it!

About a week later it arrived (with no customs!)Mini Happy Planner

The lamination on the front cover is a bit wonky but other than that this is perfect and is exactly the same level of quality as the bigger size. The pages are still lovely and thick which was my favourite thing about the regular size. The cover does look a little plain without any words on so I may vinyl my name on it or something at some point. Mini HPThe first few pages are pretty similar to the full size – a page for your name, followed by an overview calendar. Mini Happy Planner calendar

The monthly calendars are also pretty similar, with a page at the beginning of the month for planning. Happy Planner

Because the pages are smaller though, you’ll see some of the info that would normally be on the calendar pages (such as goals and birthdays) are on this page instead.MAMBI calendarShame about the Sunday start but you can’t have everything!

Weekly planning

In a change from my other Happy Planner and the Erin Condren’s I usually buy, this is a horizontal layout. Mini Happy Planner Weekly

I like the lined boxes. It makes a nice change. As a bit list maker, this is perfect for me. The box in the bottom right is a little different. On the weeks that it’s a dot grid it’s perfect for daily checklists and habit trackers. Some weeks though it’s a quote or picture. I decided to make some special Mini Happy Planner kits and made a decorative box sticker to cover up this random square. mint and gold mini happy planner kit

There’s three different mini Happy Planner kits in the shop. Click here to check them out!

As I would expect, the dividers all pretty, made from very thick cardboard. Mini HP Dividers

Unlike in my other Happy Planner though, I’ve got tabbed dividers! Yay! It’s advertised as having some foiled dividers. In total there’s three, and it’s literally just the tab so nothing to get too excited over. Happy Planner Tabs

I really like this planner. For $40 including postage it’s not exactly the cheapest but I was too impatient to wait for them to get to the UK (if they ever do). I can’t believe it took me so long to get myself a Happy Planner and now I’ve got two! They’ll never replaced my Filofaxes but I may not ever buy another Erin Condren…

This planner starts in Jan so I’ve got a couple of weeks to decide what to use it for. It’s either going to be an on the go  because of it’s size, or an Etsy/blog planner. If you’ve got this planner too let me know your thoughts and what you’re using it for in the comments below! polkadotparadiso