The Weekend Review: Formula Dark Circle Minimiser

You may remember a couple of my Marks and Spencer’s beauty hauls from last year.

Among them was the Formula Dark Circle Minimiser which I picked up on a whim as I was running out of eye cream and was on clearance. I’d also never tried anything my Formula, an M&S own brand line. As dark circles are my top face concern it was worth a try for under a tenner.

formula dark circle minimiser

Using this actually was really good at getting me into the habit of applying eye cream twice a day. While I was using this there were very few evening applications I missed.

The applicator was intended to use straight onto the face but I wasn’t a fan.

marks and spencer eye cream

While I’m sure the cooling sweeping motion you’re supposed to use is good I couldn’t get on with it. As I need to pat it in afterwards anyway, I just cut out using that applicator and put the product on my finger tips.

Like most similar products, it had a slight shimmer to it. This meant that I instantly got a little coverage from it. I always love eye creams that do this as it means on no make up days I’m slightly less self conscious.

The product didn’t really go very far and I went through this tube probably quicker than any other eye cream I’ve ever used. Given the price though, I can’t really complain about that. Alongside the instant hit of coverage I do actually think my under eye circles are looking less dark. While I generally can’t tell just by looking I can tell by my concealer usage. Since using this I definitely use less concealer under my eyes.

Repurchase worthy?

As long as I pair this with a good anti ageing serum I’d be happy to continue using this. I don’t think I’m ever going to find an eye cream that works on both fine lines and dark circles. However, despite asking at the time why it was on clearance this seems to have disappeared from the M&S website. Formula was undergoing a packaging change according to the store I bought this from. However, on looking in store and on the website it seems it’s had a complete overhaul. The only available eye creams are now purely for lines and wrinkles. There’s sadly nothing aimed at dark circles.

Given this is now discontinued I wasn’t going to write this post. However, this has opened my eyes up to Formula and I’d be happy to try something from them again. The new reformulated range looks very nice and is very reasonably priced. Hyaluronic Acid Hot Cloth Cleanser for £11? Sign me up!

Have you tried anything from Formula? Let me know in the comments below!polkadotparadiso