January Beauty Empties

Time for another empties post!

I find these really handy to read (and to write) as it’s great to see if opinions have changed. A few times I’ve loved a product straight out the box and then grown to hate it by the time it goes in the ’empties’ pile.

This month I’ve used up a few products that I’ve had for ages now. In particular there are a couple of Liz Earle goodies.
Liz Earle Superskin

Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I’m not normally a bit toner fan but this came with a cleanse/tone/moisturise set a while ago and so I used it. I’ve had this before and really liked it. It’s nice and gentle on the skin and is great as a little skin pick me up. I found that this has been particularly useful now I use a Make Up Eraser. After just using that to take my make up off I find this toner just softens up my skin and takes off any leftover make up. While I love my Make Up Eraser, without a toner or something afterwards my skin can get a little dry. Next time I’m in Boots, I’ll probably pick another bottle of this up.

Superskin Eye Cream

So this is a perfect example of something I liked when I first started using it, but my opinion changed over time. For a start, this stuff lasts forever. Definite plus there. While it’s a nice enough eye cream I’ve not seen a huge amount of difference in the small lines or dark circles I have. Given it’s £35 it’s not cheap either. I actually preferred their old eye cream (in the cream coloured packaging) that they have sadly discontinued.

Lottie London

Formula Advanced Dark Circle Minimiser

So I have only just reviewed this (check it out here). Sadly this tells you how long it lasted! However, given the less than £10 price point, it was more than worth it. My opinion on this did not change and I’m really sad it’s no longer available! Why does this keep happening to me and eye creams?

Lottie London Soap Star

I reviewed this make up brush cleanser ages ago. It has lasted forever. I wash my brushes weekly and so the fact I’ve got a good six months out of this is amazing. For only £7 this is crazy good value. I’ve obviously repurchased this and can’t see myself going back to those liquid cleansers at all. They were way overpriced and didn’t last much time at all. All that wasted packaging was also a massive annoyance.Sig

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