The Weekend Review: Body Shop Drops of Youth

Sticking with the beauty theme this week with some Body Shop goodies!

After reading some rave reviews of their overnight mask, and in need of a proper anti ageing routine I decided to wander into The Body Shop! I, possibly like a lot of people, have neglected Body Shop over the years. Once I grew out of that amazing strawberry bath stuff I found that I didn’t really go in the shop anymore.

I have however seen plenty of people raving about Body Shop products for a while now so I was overdue a visit. The Bouncy Sleep Mask had so many amazing reviews of people talking about waking up to amazing skin that I just had to buy it.

As I really needed to add a serum to my skincare routine I thought I’d pick one up too. People had been talking in the reviews about seeing better results with the mask when used with the serum. The range was also on a multi buy offer. How could I resist?

In the end I got a better deal on the clearance table. They have recently updated their packaging and so I picked up some of the old packaging for a nice 40% off.

Body Shop Drops of Youth

Bouncy Sleep Mask

The first thing to note with this is the texture. It is kind of strange. It’s a thinish cream that retains it’s shape. As you can see below, the product looks perfect, no?

Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask
I can stick my fingers in here and it looks exactly the same again within a few moments. Definitely the first time I’ve used something of this texture.

I got bored of that little spatula quickly and resorted to using my fingers instead!

Spatula useage aside, this is a nice mask to apply. As it’s an overnight mask it sinks into the skin and doesn’t sit heavily on it.

The morning after my skin felt a little smoother but that was it in terms of results. I used this a couple of times a week for about 3/4 weeks. During use I couldn’t escape the thought though that this mask was giving me spots. I stopped using it for a little while and my skin cleared up to the best it’s probably ever been. I then used this mask again. The spots came back quickly and aggressively.

Sadly, this won’t be used again. I was really disappointed. It’s been a long time since skincare gave me spots!


I’m really impressed with myself. I’ve been very consistent using this twice a day for a couple of months now. I’ve barely used any of the bottle so this is going to last a really long time.

The only odd thing about this is the strange applicator it comes with. It’s supposed to be a pipette but the spongey button at the top doesn’t really work. The serum just collects on the applicator but it works well enough I guess, although I’d prefer a proper pump.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

I continued to use this throughout the issues with the sleep mask and didn’t have any reactions to it at all. I’m definitely seeing some positive effects of using this. My skin feels softer, smoother and I’ve seen an improvement with my lines. I have one main line on my forehead that I use as a skincare barometer and it’s clearly reduced.

This is fantastic value for money at £26 for 30ml. I will definitely be repurchasing this (probably at the end of the year when I finally use it all up!)

Despite the reaction to the overnight mask, overall I’m really happy I decided to take that trip into Body Shop. I’ll definitely be heading back there soon.