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Planner Society January 2017 Review

Wow, this month was packed full of goodies!

After seeing the sneaks of the Planner Society January box I knew I was in for a treat. Nothing compares however, to opening up that box for yourself and picking through everything in it. It took me a while just to look through everything and I was really happy with what I got.

Planner Society January

Once again I’m blown away with how great the value of this kit is! The colours aren’t necessarily that I would choose myself but I absolutely adore them.


First lets talk about the pretty stationery in this month’s kit.

Planner Society stationery

Yes that’s right – two washi tapes in this month’s box! How lucky are we?! It’s been nice to get two matching tapes because I’ve found that with the beautiful floral tapes you get with the Planner Society you don’t always have a matching tape in your stash. If like you like to use more than one washi on a spread or project it can get a little tricky. This matching plaid tape solves the problem this month and I’m really thankful as the number of yellow washis in my collection before? 1.

Next up are my two least favourite items of the month – another ballpoint pen and the flamingo paperclip. Both items are really nice and well made, they’re just not my style.

Last up for stationery are these beautiful post it notes, in Christy’s The Girl design. If you like uber functional sticky notes with lots of writing space these probably won’t be for you but I’m loving using these in my bullet journal where I have nice A5 sized pages to play with.


Planner Society scrapbooking

I love this month’s papers. Largely because they’re all so different but work so well together. These are definitely getting turned into cards this month. The die cuts will also lend themselves brilliantly to cards – look at those swans! How pretty are they?!

The journalling cards are probably my favourite of these kind of items since I subscribed. Some of them will work well on cards as well as in my planner. I can’t wait to get using them!

Finally, a The Girl stamp! This is a brilliant idea as you can colour her in and make her look exactly like you, or someone you know for instance. For creating a really personalised card, this is a perfect.


There were loads of planning goodies this month!

Planner Society planning

So the sequins are beautiful! Between the flowers and little swans these are a lovely addition to the kit! However, I don’t really know what I’m going to do with them. Shaker dashboards aren’t really my thing (and I don’t own a fuse tool) so I might see if I can make a shaker card with them instead. Not sure if I need a fuse tool for that too, but I’ll give it a go!

I have a bit of a thing against puffy stickers in my planners as I just don’t like the bulk. However, these stickers are seriously pretty and will probably find themselves on a dashboard or divider in the very near future.

The mini planner you can see is actually a cute little sticker wallet, perfectly sized for this month’s sheets. There’s also 6 sticker sheets instead of the usual 5 to help you start to fill up the wallet. I’ve popped last month’s sticker sheets in there, along with the stencils from last month and this is now part of my bullet journal ‘kit’ that I keep with my pencil case. It’s such a cute and handy way to carry out planning essentials if you don’t necessarily use a ringbound system that has pockets etc. This was perfectly timed for my new Leuchtturm based foray into bullet journalling!

Finally, another bunch of pretty tabs. I’ll be using a couple of these in my bullet journal but beyond that I’m not too sure what else I’m going to use them for. There’s a new font this month, which is super pretty but a bit fine for my liking. I like my tabs to stick out a bit more, so I’ll continue using last month’s tab stickers on them.

Overall thoughts

Another amazing kit from Christy. If you haven’t signed up yet, why not? Despite there being one or two items I wasn’t that bothered about, I’m consistently impressed with this kit. The amount of goodies you get each month and the one of a kind items make it so worth the money to me. Sig