Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream – The Weekend Review

It has taken me so long to write this!

If you read my post reviewing the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar from last year you’ll have seen me raving about this eye cream. I really liked the little pot I received and as soon as I needed more eye cream I purchased this.

I managed to pick this up from Marks and Spencer when they were having a free gift event. With my eye cream I got this great little pack of extra goodies.

The extras were Pure Cloud Cream, Eye Gels and the Fresh Start Mask.

Pure Cloud Cream

This felt nice on the skin and I got a decent amount of use of this small tube. It’s not too heavy on the skin, whilst still leaving my skin feeling hydrated. It’s a little pricey, at £41 but if I hadn’t made the switch to Asian Beauty, I would have bought this as my next moisturiser.

Eye Gels

I really liked these. My skin actually did feel firmer after use. While you’d get more benefits from regularly using them, I did see a small difference after one use. It’s very tempting to purchase more, but at £25 for just eight pairs, it’s more than I’d normally spend. The directions are to just use once a week so eight weeks worth for £25 doesn’t sound too bad really. I’ll keep an eye out for these going on offer, and probably buy them then to give them a full try.

Fresh Start Mask

This is the first time I’ve used a two step mask like this. You first apply the clay in the first sachet. Then, you go over it with the activating gel from the second sachet. It foams up nicely and didn’t irritate my face for the 10 minutes it was on. It washed off easily and my skin felt clean and exfoliated afterwards. Again at £25 for just 6 lots this is more of a considered purchase but I’d be open to buying them if I saw them on offer.

Relief Eye Cream

I was really excited to get using this. After seeing visible results with the small pot I was hoping for less dark circles and less lines. Unfortunately after the early results I’m not sure I noticed anything more? I was using a little less concealer after a few weeks of use. However, since moving onto another eye cream after I finished this up, I’m seeing more results with the new one pretty rapidly.

I also grew to dislike how thick the cream is. It took a little more working into the skin than I like. Given how you need to be careful with how you apply eye creams and just gently pat it in, I didn’t think the consistency was right for the gentle eye area.

Overall I’ve gone off the eye cream sadly. It just didn’t continue to deliver the results on my dark circles I was expecting. I also noticed no difference to the small lines around my eyes.

What I’ve lost in eye cream though, I think I’ve gained in future mask purchases.

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