Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout Mascara – The Weekend Review

I was so excited to try this mascara!

I received it as part of a gift set, with an eyeliner and primer. 

The eyeliner is still untested as haven’t got around to using it yet. However, I had to make a post about the mascara and primer!

Little Black Primer

This is tiny as you can see. It’s got a curved brush head which is always helpful when it comes to curling lashes. This primer has three uses. You can either use it on it’s own for a little colour, as a primer, or as a topcoat for your lases.

I only ever used this as a primer because I didn’t like the idea of using it after my mascara. As I used it with about three different mascaras I 27didn’t want any cross contamination. I did like using this. Applying mascara over the top of it was a little strange as my lashes were obviously a little stiff from the primer. My lashes were slightly curled by it, but not massively so. Other than that there were no visible differences. The differences came in the longevity of the mascara. Any mascara I used with this lasted a lot longer before smudging. At £21 for the full size though I think I’d rather just find a mascara that is smudge proof without the primer.


The brush on this mascara is one I tend to really like (and apparently can’t photograph well!)

I found it very easy to use, although as you can see I had to be careful to take the excess off before use, otherwise I got big clumps in my lashes. The effect of this mascara on my lashes was great, it really did lift and fan.

However, this is the strongest smelling cosmetic I have ever used. The strong stench (of alcohol maybe?) was overpowering! I’ve never had this with a mascara before. I powered through and continued to use it though. While the effect on my lashes was great, it smudged like no other mascara has before. It was better with the primer, but I still looked like Alice Cooper by the end of the day and looked kind of rough! Not a great look. After a couple of weeks I also started noticing my eyes were getting itchy towards the end of the day. I was due a contact lense check so had that and it came out fine. The only thing I had changed was my mascara. I therefore discontinued use and immediately my eyes were fine, no more evening itching.

That was real shame as I’ve used Estee Lauder mascaras in the past and been fine with them but now I’m kind of put off. I don’t know whether I had a dodgy batch and that’s why it smelled bad too, but I won’t be in a hurry to try another one of their eye products.

Have you ever had that experience with a make up product before? What was it?