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My Skincare Routine Update

It’s time for an update on my new skincare routine!

I’m now ten weeks into my new skincare routine and have now swapped all my old Western products for Asian alternatives.

Since my little issue with the DHC Cleansing OIl it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I’ve been introducing a new product every two weeks and doing a sheet mask at least once a week. I’ve also been using my trusty CosRX pimple patches where needed.

The routine over the weeks

As I mentioned in my first AB post, I’ve been using my bullet journal to track what products I’ve been using. I’ve also been using it to track how my skin has been coping.

I’ve underlined in pink which products were new that week. While it’s functional, I don’t like the look of this spread. My next one will be a bit neater and probably have set places for things like how my skin reacted that week.

Now as I come to the end of my tenth week I’m pretty settled with my  routine.

Current routine

So aside from SPF which I have built into my tinted moisturiser I have a simple AB routine pretty locked down.

First cleanser: Etude House Sherbert Cleanser
Second cleanser: Tosowong Enzyme Powder Wash
Eye Cream: Mizon Snail Eye Repair Cream
Moisturiser: Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream
Evening Moisturiser: CosRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

How’s my skin?

I’m genuinely blown away with my skin right now. Aside from one new spot this week my skin is clearing up amazingly. Even the redness from old spots is actually starting to fade. This week I actually wore tinted moisturiser instead of foundation for most of the week. This is pretty big for me and something I’d never normally contemplate.

Below is a picture from one of those days.

As much as I hate any picture of myself I couldn’t believe it when I looked back through the pictures from a walk Ed and I took this week. My skin would never have looked that good without foundation six months ago. I also wouldn’t have gone to work without foundation six months ago!

I think I’m boring Ed now with how much I’m raving about my new skincare. He must be listening though as he did buy me a moisturiser I wanted to try for my birthday. I’m so happy I discovered Asian beauty and if anyone is struggling with their skincare routine I now just instantly recommend brands like Mizon, Etude House and Mizon.

Next I want to start adding in more steps like toner and actives to really give my skin a boost, If you have any product recommendations, let me know in the comments below!

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