Etude House Glass Tinting Lips-Talk Review

Inevitably after falling in love with Asian Skincare I had to give some make up a go.

After seeing a review on Maple Tree Blog of these amazing Etude House interchangeable lipsticks I had to buy some!

The concept of these lipsticks is fantastic. Step one is you pick your case. With twenty different designs you’ll be spoilt for choice. They’re all pretty cutesy so if that’s not your style then you may not like this. Next step is to choose your colour and again there’s 20 to choose from. Aside from a couple, the colours are all pretty standard reds, pinks and peaches.

The first set

As the title suggests I actually picked up two lots. Watermelon and a dark cherry colour was my first pairing. 

This watermelon case is absolutely adorable. I love it. 

This cherry/plum colour is a lovely natural colour and this has quickly become my go-to daily colour. 

This is my kind of colour and suits me perfectly.

Not content with one set, I had to buy another.

Second set

This time I tried to go for more of a regular red. The shade I wanted was out of stock so I ended up with a slightly lighter one.

Once again, the case is adorable.

As this wasn’t my first choice it is probably a little light for me. I probably will wear it, but I may go and buy the darker one anyway.

So how does it work?

It’s very easy to swap out these lipsticks. You order them separately and they arrive like this. 

You then simply open the case and insert the lipstick. 

You’ll hear a click and it’s in! You then just need to discard the clear plastic cover and you’re good to go. It’s very easy to swap out the colours – the inside just pulls out of the case easily.

This is a lovely make up concept and I love being able to have complete choice to build my own lipstick. The build quality is good too and I’ve got no worries there. I’ve seen that they’re now bringing this concept to cute eyeshadow palettes too. I may just have to pick one up to match!

How’s the quality?

So once you get past the novelty of this you get to thinking about the quality of the product. I really like the pigmentation of these. They give you a good sweep of slightly glossy colour. It doesn’t necessarily look like you’re wearing a full lipstick and I like that. It’s also not at all sticky. This is ideal for Summer days. As it’s glossy it obviously doesn’t last all day but that’s okay as you’ll want to take the case out of your bag to reapply!

Now I’ve tried some Korean make up, I’ll definitely be buying more.