May/June Empties

The empties have been stacking up so it’s time to take you through them!

It’s been a little unusual recently in that most of my empties I’m sad to see going and will be picking up replacements soon.

Body care

If you saw my Christmas present post you’ll have seen me talking about the Elemis goodies already. I’ve never used any body products from Elemis before and I kind of overlook them as a brand. However the body cream in particular was a bit of a revelation. I absolutely loved it. The scent was gorgeous, it sank into the skin beautifully and left my skin moisturised all day long. I will definitely be replacing this when I’ve worked my way through my huge moisturiser stash.

I’ve made no secret of my love for Liz Earle on the blog and this is just another lovely item. This body scrub smells lovely and leaves you feeling like you’re having a spa day when you’re using it. It’s a rough scrub, without feeling too harsh on the skin. In comparison the facial exfoliator which does feel harsh, this has got the right level of oil/greasiness to it.


More Liz Earle! This time the Eyebright lotion which I swear by. At one point I had three bottles of this. Now I’m down to my last one and need to buy another one soon. This is nicest eye make up remover I’ve used that also gets rid of my tough waterproof mascara. The real thing that sets this apart from other eye make up removers though is being able to use it as an eye mask. Some of this on two cotton pads sorts my eyes out whenever they’re itchy or sore.

I’ve raved about the Colab dry hair shampoo on my big review post recently. This is now my go to dry hair shampoo. Cheap and effective, I buy a tin every time I hit Superdrug.

Make up

Ahh the Pupa primer. I was so sad when I used all this up. I’d moved onto my Too Faced one but I missed the tint of the BB cream. However I have since found this primer available at way more places than it used to be. In fact I’ve even found it on Prime! I’ll definitely be buying more soon. Particularly as I’ve just completely stopped using the Too Faced primer…

This Kat Von D concealer got used it way quicker than any other I’ve used before. Particularly considering I exclusively use this on my under eyes I wasn’t all that happy about it. However, I loved this concealer and quickly purchased another. If you’re up to date on my posts however, you’ll know that this concealer has been replaced. The NYX Dark Circle Corrector has sadly impressed me so much I’ve used this concealer once in the past few weeks. As it didn’t work well on blemishes it’s kind of getting forgotten about now.

I really do enjoy reviewing empties. I love reflecting on how my opinions on products have changed through use. Even if I’m not a massive fan of a product I will still try and use it up as I hate unnecessary waste. However, the Too Faced primer that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago may end up getting tossed soon.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this – do you use up a product that you’re not a massive fan of or do you gift/toss it? Let me know in the comments below!

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