Papergang June Review (my first box!)

As I received the shipping notification for my second box today I figured I should get round to posting about my first Papergang box!

The Papergang box is a subscription box made by Ohh Deer that I’ve been debating for a while. After a bit of a splurge in their online store back in May (and a cancelled Planner Society box) I decided now was the time to finally take the plunge! 

So what is it?

It’s a stationery box filled which goodies including notebooks, greeting cards and possibly even desk accessories. Nearly all the products are exclusive to Papergang/Ohh Deer and each month follows a distinct theme.

I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the planner craze that I’d kind of forgotten about just normal stationery.

At just £10.95 + £2.95 shipping for UK customers I signed up for a month to month subscription and waited what felt like ages for the box to arrive.

The box

As theme’s go, the one for my first box was pretty damn pretty.

The designer of the month was Susan Castillo and she designed the notebook, card and calendar. I love the darker colours here and the notebook in particular is a design I could see myself buying. It would be easy to do something bright and summery as it’s June and I like that they didn’t here.

What’s nice is that within the box you get a card that has a break down of everything in your box, who designed it and the RRP. The total value of this box is £25.40. Not bad for the £13.90 purchase price. None of the RRPs given on the card seem ridiculous – £12.95 for a linen notebook is about right.

I also got this little guy in my box – an iron on transfer to welcome me into the Papergang. I’m not a big patch person but it was a cute addition to the box. I’m tempted to make him into a paperclip.

The notebook

As I would consider this the main event for the box I have to talk about this beautiful notebook first.

The quality of this is so much higher than I was expecting. The cover is thick, with a linen texture and the deep purple sheets at the start and end of the notebook are a nice touch. 

The paper inside is a reasonable thickness – not super see through thin but not thick either. I do think you might struggle with a fountain or similarly pigmented pen. It has year, month & day at the top of each page which will make this handy for meetings or projects. There’s a ribbon bookmark which I love. I’m forever using paperclips and bulldog clips to keep track of where I am in my work notebooks and with this I won’t have to.

The only thing I don’t like about this notebook is the size of it. It doesn’t say how many pages there are in it but the notebook itself is only 1.2cm thick. I think I would have preferred it to have a few more pages.

 The other goodies

It’s no exaggeration that I’ve been after a nice metal ruler for a couple of months now. 

I’m not sure I’d have parted with £10 (the quoted RRP) for it though. (That’s not to say it’s not worth that, I’m just a bit tight sometimes.)

The calendar card is nice but I’m not entirely sure what I’ll use it for. I already have a planner that has a monthly calendar in so this may end up in my scrapbook for when I scrap August’s events.

Finally for goodies is the happy birthday card. I love simple birthday cards and this will be easily used for a man or woman. It’s a nice thick, good quality card and has the lovely touch of ‘Ohh Deer’ embossed on the envelope. This will be handy to have in case of emergency/forgotten birthdays!

Overall box thoughts

I’m really happy with this first box. The selection of items was lovely, and of a really nice quality. I loved the designs and the fact that everything matched – even the box it came in. There’s also lovely attention to detail like the little papercraft project that comes on the box. 

Like this month it was a cute little fox you could cut out and make.

Super happy with this box and looking forward to receiving July’s this week. Other than a quick glimpse at the theme for this month I’ve seen no real sneak peeks so it’ll be a complete surprise. I quite like that I don’t know what I’m getting in advance so it feels a little like my birthday!

If you’ve subscribed to Papergang (or any other stationery subscription) please let me know in the comments below!