August empties

I should really call these posts ‘Repurchase or not?’ because really that’s what this helps me to decide

I collect up all my empties from the month and then go through each of them when writing about/photographing the items. By the end of it, I’ve usually realised what was a no hoper and what I really need to rebuy (if I haven’t already).

Anyway, onto the empties for this month.

There’s a nice selection this month, including the first empties from new Korean skincare mission!

Givenchy Live Irresistible

My first Givenchy fragrance and a Christmas present I’d asked for. 

Given I wore this daily since Christmas you can get an idea for how well this lasts. It’s a nice sweet yet strong fragrance, just the type I like. I would use around 3/4 sprays in the morning and that would be it. While I could definitely smell it at the start of the day, by the end there was no trace. All in all, a nice fragrance but I like variety and so probably wouldn’t repurchase.

Make up

Ahh my Holy Grail blusher, courtesy of Urban Decay and what I think might become my HG mascara.

This mascara I reviewed here and I was still loving it up until I finally decided to give it up as it had dried out. It makes my lashes look lovely, doesn’t smudge or run throughout the day and it’s easy to remove. What more could I want?

The Urban Decay blusher is now the second one I’ve finished in my ten years of make up wearing. Each one took around two years to finish so I’ve had Urban Decay on my cheeks for at least four years now. 

I’m aware that I shouldn’t be using one product for that long but I’m a ‘use things up’ kinda girl. This shade is perfect on me, I don’t need loads and it lasts all day. I’m using up some samples/small pots from Bare Minerals and then Nars but as soon as I’m done, another Fetish (that’s the shade!) will be bought!

Korean Skincare

I was excited that I’d started using up my Korean skincare as it meant I got to buy more!I did like this cream. I felt like it was a good introduction to Korean skincare. I definitely saw some redness reduction on my face and while I have bought a different moisturiser, I have just ordered the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence.

Something I also used up around the same time was the Mizon eye cream.

I was a little disappointed with how quickly I actually burnt though this. I liked the cream in general – it didn’t feel heavy on my skin and I saw no worsening of any lines or dark circles. However, I’m not sure overall I saw any improvement. I’ve bought another eye cream, this time by Innisfree and will probably keep trying different ones until I find one that reduces my dark circles.

This month

It’s a tale of two sides for August. When it came to make up it was all about mourning losses and making plans to repurchase. As for skincare, it was an opportunity to try something new. I think that’s very telling of my attitude towards make up and skincare in general. I’m more willing to try new things in skincare but when I find something that works make up wise, I stick to it. Do you find the same thing, or are you the opposite? Let me know in the comments below!

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