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I’ve had a little Etsy splurge

I’m a sucker for sales and with Christmas in July comes sales and coupon codes! I picked up some more stickers from a shop I know and love, and found a new UK shop to try!

Samantha Mae Sticks

I picked up some great stickers from this shop a while back. Thanks to the quality and originality of her stickers, I knew I needed more! Using a thank you code I had from that previous order, I picked up a few more of her stickers to add to my collection. 

All these goodies and the freebie sampler came in at just under £14 including shipping! 

The thing I love most about Samantha Mae Sticks products is how you can get the majority of them in either colourful or neutral. Having neutral stickers means I can just use them any week, with whatever kit I’ve got down and there’ll be no clashing. More shops (including my own) need more black and white stickers. I especially love these little to do checklist boxes

These blog and design stickers are just beautiful. Between the little drawings and pretty cursive I can’t wait to get using these in my planner. 

Finally I bought these cute little Instagram icons so I track what I’m posting each day. I actually wish I’d bought more of these!

The freebie sampler I received with the order was super cute and full of some gorgeous hand drawn designs. Speaking of gorgeous, lets talk how the order came. 

This little folder is such a nice touch. Inside the left pocket was my sampler and a cute die cut and on the right was my order.

I also loved the personal touch of my name handwritten on the front.

Wendy Prints

When you look at a shop millions of times and never actually checkout. Then along comes the Christmas in July sale and you finally take the plunge! This was me with Wendy Prints, a UK based shop I’d been dying to try for ages but never quite got around to it. 

Those kits have got exactly the bright colours I love and a take a look at that red headed character! 

This kit is called Moonstruck and I just love it. It’s the only one I bought that has pastels but mixed with the dark blue and gold it’s just lovely. The kits are usually priced at £4.95 which is good value for two sheets. I’ll easily get two weeks out of this kit thanks to the range of different stickers. 

This kit is Planner Gem and I just love the blue and purple combo. As you can see there’s a slight difference in some of the stickers available in each kit. I think I like this format better with the half boxes on the left hand sheet. I’m not a huge fan of the clip art in the kit but as there’s only a few stickers, it wasn’t enough to put me off the whole kit.

Finally for kits I picked up my first Autumn kit of the season, Pumpkin Fall. It’s nice to see an Autumn kit that isn’t just all browns! 

I just had to pick up some of these cute character stickers with a lovely red head. I don’t normally care about planner stickers looking like me but these were too cute to pass up. I’m especially excited to get using the bike stickers now I’ve started cycling again. 

Finally are these super cute day off stickers. Perfect for those random days of holiday. I liked the little sampler I received with a nice little colour combination.

The sticker paper from Wendy Prints isn’t as thick or smooth feeling as that from Samantha Mae Sticks. The designs of the stickers and kits though are super cute with lovely vibrant colours. The cuts were also perfect. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon!

Have you got any Etsy shops you think I should try? Pop some recommendations in the comments below!

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