Current skincare routine – October

Well I think I’m a good six months into completely overhauling my skincare routine

This past month or so has probably been the most tough, in terms of how my skin has looked and felt. Back in late August I started having a breakout along my jawline. This cluster of pain and redness spread and didn’t improve. I discontinued use of one new product – the Benton Snail Bee Essence and of one old product that I had recently started to use again – Pupa BB Cream Primer.

The only thing that seemed to make the acne calm down was Sudocrem. Old school! It’s still not completely gone now, but it definitely seems to be getting there. What isn’t going away are my blocked pores. I’ve had blocked pores for a long time, but it’s definitely gotten worse since the jawline breakout.

During all this, one thing has been invaluable. The website, When I got rid of anything I thought could be causing the break out, I started looking at all my current skincare on this website. Cosdna gives you the ingredients in your product and highlights anything in there that might not be great for your skin. This includes flags for acne, irritants and an overall safety level for each ingredient.

Three products had flags for acne with a number higher than one (the scale is from zero to five). That was my current cleansers. One had an acne flag on one ingredient but the number was only one, that was my new CosRX Essence.

This therefore is my current routine but some of the products are about to be changed out. I like to keep to only introducing one product at a time which is why wholesale change hasn’t happened yet.


What I thought was the steadiest part of my routine is now the most contentious.

My first cleanser is the Etude House Sherbert Cleanser. I was so happy when I found this and I’m currently on my second tub. Unfortunately, when put through CosDNA one of the ingredients, Isopropyl Palmitate flags up with a 4/5 for acne causing. So, despite it’s make up removal skills I’m going to be switching this out soon. I’ve still got a half a tub so I’m probably going to replace my second cleanser first (which is nearly out) and then replace this two weeks later.

Speaking of my second cleanser, I was also really happy with my Innisfree oneThis was the first foam I’ve ever used that didn’t dry out my skin and make it feel horrible. Unfortuantely this fares even worse than the Etude House Cleanser. This has four ingredients that flag as potentially acne causing, with high numbers. That’s also another reason why this cleanser will get replaced first.

In recent weeks I’ve kind of forgotten about my Tosowoong. I was using it daily and when I introduced the Innisfree second cleanser this took a back seat. Given my clogged pores lately though, I think I’m going to get back to using this at least once a week. This is an exfoliant so I wasn’t entirely surprised to find problematic ingredients in here. Good old SLS which rates a full 5 out of 5 for acne and Alcohol Denat gets a 5 for irritant. I won’t repurchase this, but I will continue to use it up as I do need an exfoliant in my routine.


I do have a new toner coming, to prep the skin for actives. Currently though, I have just the one in use. I’m really enjoying using this toner. My skin feels plump and hydrated after use. I started using this the intended way, applying it onto my face with my fingers. I have recently switched to applying it with a cotton wool pad though. It tends to pick up any remnants of my make up and leaves my skin feeling much fresher.

Eye cream

This is a product which when I reviewed it a few weeks ago, I was really liking. However since then, I can’t help but notice my eye make up looking a lot drier by the end of the day. The more I use it, the more it’s clear that it’s just not hydrating enough for me. My concealer creases really badly and it’s definitely been worse since I’ve been using this eye cream. This is nearly finished and I’ve got a different Innisfree eye cream to try afterwards. If I feel the same way after using that, I’ll probably revert back to the Mizon Eye Cream I used back in the summer.


There’s not too much more to say about essences considering my review post two weeks ago. Although there is a flag for one of the ingredients in the CosRX Essence, it’s only a one out of five so I’m not too worried at this stage. While it’s still working and fading my redness, I won’t be kicking this out of my routine. 


I’ve still got two of these on the go, and swap and change them out when my skin needs a little boost. 

If you caught my review on this Mizon moisturiser, you’ll know I love it. Thankfully, my opinion hasn’t changed and I’m gearing up to repurchase this soon. My skin has never looked plumper using this and I’m buying my mother a jar for Christmas!

The CosRX moisturiser has come in very handy during my breakout. This is the ideal moisturiser to use on an evening to give my skin an injection of moisture. 

Overall routine

I felt like I was getting somewhere with my skin. Thanks to this horrible breakout everything has kind of come to a standstill while I fix it. I’ve got two new cleansers to try. These will be used for two weeks each so I’ve got a wait before I get my new toner in the routine. Then after that I finally get to introduce some actives into my routine. I have dabbled with some already, but I had to take a step back from them due to my skin feeling pretty raw from the acne.

I love to read about other people’s routines, so if you’ve done a routine post, drop me a link below!

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