Tarte first impressions (first ever purchase)

I’ve been eyeing up Tarte products for a while.

I hear a lot about it but have never come across it in real life. In fact the only place I’ve seen it in the UK is QVC. The reviews looked good and when a TSV popped up on my Instagram, I knew now was the time. TSV stands for Today’s Special Value and is a one day only, incredible price deal. The P&P is usually around £5 added on top, but there’s usually some great value to be had.

The TSV that I bought was the Good For You Glamour set.

For £45 (plus p&p) you pretty much got everything you needed for a full face of make up. Given that I don’t actually need anymore make up right now, I rationalised that the palette containing eyeshadows, highlighter, blush and bronze would be ‘prefect for travelling’.

Inside the kit

So the big product is the aforementioned palette. This was the real seller for me. With six eyeshadows, bronze, highlighter, blush and a mirror inside this really would be ideal for travel. I had previously been using my The Balm travel palette but I’ve been going off it due to some of the colours not being that wearable. 

To complete the make up look there’s also ‘Lights, Camera Lashes’ a mascara my mother was wanting to take off my hands. She uses and loves this and I’m pretty loyal to mine so was happy to hand it over. Next up was a two in one lipstick and gloss combo. I wasn’t sure about the gloss but the swatches of the lipstick looked just my kind of colour. Finally, there’s their new Amazonon Clay stick foundation. Now, I don’t need anymore foundation but throwing this into a travel bag is a much better use of space than my Kat Von D foundation. It’s also not a liquid so will come in handy for any hand luggage only flights. 

To complete the kit you receive two brushes – one eyeshadow and one for the foundation.

The palette

This palette larger than I was expecting.This meant that the sizes of product inside were pretty good. The size of that blush (4.5g) is generally what I’d expect from a full size. The value of the whole set is in this palette alone I’d say. To buy separately, an eight eyeshadow palette is around £30. A blush on it’s own (5.6g weight) is £25. Before you’ve added on any other products you’ve got to the £45 purchase price.

So far, I’ve played with this palette a couple of times. I like the colours as they’re easy to use. They’re well pigmented but it’s quite a dry formulation and so does take some building up. The blush however requires no build up! This is so pigmented that the first time I used it I ended up with very pink cheeks. You really don’t need to load up your brush with a lot of product. The colour is really nice though and suits my colouring well. The highlight is nice but isn’t very strong. I’m used to my The Balm highlight that adds a sweep of colour that just makes me look a lot more healthy and awake. This gives you a highlight but it’s a lot less prominent.

The eyeshadow brush this comes with is lovely. It’s very soft and sweeps over my eyelid nicely. If you like to do more precise things you’ll need another brush but for simple eye looks, this is ideal.

The only thing I don’t like about this palette so far is the design of it. Between the gold and the cheap feeling faux snake skin (or whatever it’s supposed to be) it’s just not me. I can also imagine the top getting very dirty looking, particularly if I travel with it a lot.

Lipstick & gloss

It’s hard to tell from online swatches but I thought I was going to like this colour.This shade is called sass and retails for £21. The lipstick itself is highly pigmented and one careful sweep across the lips is all I need. It is a satin matte which I normally don’t get along with but it’s got just enough moisture. Obviously it comes with the gloss too if you want that extra sheen. I haven’t tried this yet as I’m not a gloss girl but I’m interested to see how it works both alone, and on top of the lipstick.

I’ve used this a few times now for work and I’m really happy with it. It isn’t super long lasting which is a shame but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Clay Foundation Stick

This is the only item I’ve not got around to using yet. I picked up the palest shade and I’m hopeful it’ll be a decent match. I’ve resisted trying it so far because I’m in the midst of a skin breakout. Using a product that you sweep directly onto your face probably isn’t the best during a breakout. This retails at £35 which is crazy when you look at the size of it. I may be surprised and it lasts ages, but I really can’t see it. The packaging on this though is the one I like the best. It’s a lot less in your face and tacky looking than the other items.


That leads me nicely onto the mascara… This is heading straight to my mum and I’m so glad. The weird almost fabric material it’s made from is pretty horrible. Mascaras (and make up in general) should be made from durable materials as far as I’m concerned.


As previously mentioned, the eyeshadow brush is super soft. The foundation brush is similarly soft and I’m really looking forward to using it. Even if I don’t use the foundation, this will get well used as it looks like a fantastic buffing brush. Once again it’s a shame about the gaudy gold but it’s the brush itself that counts.

The final part of the kit – make up bag

I’ve avoided mentioning this so far just because it’s so awful. 

The glare on this picture just shows how cheap and shiny the material it’s made from is. I don’t particularly like getting make up bags in kits anyway, but this is just straight for the charity shop pile. 

Overall first impressions?

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a brand that I’ve hated to look at more (maybe Charlotte Tilbury?) Their styling is so not me. It’s hard to tell in online images, it’s only when I opened the box in person did it really hit me. I like that it hasn’t clouded my judgement over the products though. So far after a few uses I’m really liking them and not regretting the purchase at all. This kit is incredible value when you add it all up if purchased separately. And that’s how I’d purchase more Tarte again, in a kit like this. Some of the prices are more than I’d spend on a product individually (like £21 for a lipstick) but if another set like this popped up, I’d probably buy it. 

If you’d like a follow up post after I’ve been using these a little longer (and maybe gone travelling with them) let me know in the comments below!