Hobonichi A6 Set Up

It’s that time again!

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Time to start setting up the 2021 planners!

Like last year, I’m going to be dedicating a post to each of my set-ups. If you want to see what I’ve purchased for 2021, I showed the planners in this post.

First, I’m going to be sharing my A6 set up in my Day Free and my Weekly Supplement.

hobonichi a6 2021


This is a bit of an experiment for me in 2021 with a planner dedicated to my business. This little planner is hopefully going to house all my business related goal planning. It’s going to have all my tasks, ideas, brainstorms, everything. The day to day planning will still live in my Cousin, but this planner will be referred to when planning out the week in the Cousin.

The day-free has an ideal set up for this. It has the yearly and monthly overview sections, and the rest of the pages are undated. It doesn’t have a year worth of note pages, so it’s nowhere near as bulky as the usual A6 Techo.

I didn’t purchase a Hobonichi cover for this, as that would have been quite bulky and I wanted something small and easy to carry. Instead, I purchased a Midori A6 cover.* This cover fits perfectly, creates some storage and has a pen loop. The pen for this planner is a Pilot Coleto with a clear barrel. I’ve got three refills inside – blue ink, pencil and an eraser.

Hobonichi A6 Day Free

As it doesn’t have a closure, I purchased a jumbo Oli Clip* to keep it closed. I love the design of this Oli Clip and have been looking for a reason to buy a large one for a while! To add a bit of decoration, I added this cute holographic vinyl sticker* from a shop I recently discovered.

At the back, I just have my favourite tabs from Coco Fusen*. I’ll be using this to mark all pages I need to refer back to often.

Hobonichi A6 day free and coco fusen

Finally, I finished off the planner with some tiny monthly tabs.

The set up

The yearly overview pages are perfect for the new goal planning system I’m trying at the moment.

I plan on writing the big goals I want to achieve at the top, and then mark with a line the weeks I intend on achieving them. I also intend on using these pages as a sort of habit tracker. I’ll mark social media, blog posts and YouTube videos.

hobonichi a6 day free yearly pages

The monthly pages are for a more detailed overview of my month. The left hand side is where I’ll be splitting out tasks by week. On the actual dates I’ll plan out when I’m going to complete the tasks, and log things of note such as shop milestones. Along the bottom I’ll write out the main goal for that month. The monthly kit I used is available here.

hobonichi a6 day free monthly pages

The notes pages are basically for everything else.

I’ve already made a start, brainstorming new releases for the shop and all the things I need to do for each product. I used it this week to plan out my week off from work.

hobonichi a6 day free notes pages

Weekly supplement

This has a very simple use in 2021 and doesn’t have a huge set up. This planner is simply to live in my Ane Pouch and serve as an everyday carry planner. Important dates and appointments will be in here, along with any notes I need to jot down during the day when I’m out. This too has an Oli Clip (this time a large size*) and a holographic sticker* for decoration.

hobonichi weekly supplement

The only setting up I’ve done so far, is to add in the bank holidays (by highlighting the date) and any friends/family birthdays.

hobonichi weekly supplement open

There we have my simple A6 set ups for the year!

This is my third year of trying to find an A6 set up that works and I’m pretty hopeful that I’ve found one at last! Do you use an A6 planner? Let me know in the comments!

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