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One month in: using a Bullet Journal and Filofax combo

Last month I shared my Bullet Journal set up in my Leuchtturm and said I’d be back to share how it was going later.

I’ve been in here just over a month now. I’m still really enjoying using it and am finding my productivity has been way above what it was before.

My dailies

This is pretty much the point I left my last post about my bujo. All pretty dailies, using my Planner Society stickers and washi.

I continued with the pretty theme for a while, and even created some new stickers (which are now in the shop) to pop a bit of colour in my pages. I’m not massively arty when it comes to drawing or hand lettering so I knew from the off I’d need stickers and washi to feel creative in my bujo.

I know a lot of people talk about the fact that bullet journals don’t have to be pretty to do the job, but these pages are just more pleasing to look at. To me, pretty = more likely to use.

At one point I did try a more plain approach and some weeks it had no affect on my productivity or what I got done.

One thing I did find though was that some weeks my pages were looking a little bare. Even if I had loads noted down, there was a lot of white so I started going down a column route with my pages. This is a much more efficient use of space.

I think this might be my favourite layout so far. nice and simple, but I clearly got a lot done that week (I did tick everything off by the end of Sunday!)

As you can see, I don’t do dailies every day because some days I just might not have anything that has to be done that day. On other days, it might just be a case of catching up on everything outstanding from earlier in the week – as in the case of Sunday in that spread above.

The great thing about keeping everything quite condensed is it’s apparent when weeks haven’t been so productive.

I’d say my bujo reflected my mood that week. I was tired a lot of the week and didn’t feel like doing much in the evenings. It’s probably my least pretty layout too and I’ve seen this in my Filofax before. If I don’t feel good looking at the pages in front of me, I just don’t use them as well as I should.

The Filofax

At first it took me a little while to get the balance between my Filofax weeklies and my dailies. I always knew I wanted to keep the Filofax for weekly planning because that just works better for me for appointments. However, I did initially find that my Filofax was feeling a little sparse and unloved.

I quickly realised it was because I shouldn’t be limiting my Filofax to just appointments.

When I was planning out my week on a Sunday evening there were lots to do throughout the week. However these weren’t really captured anywhere. I was either lumping everything under Monday’s daily or just trying to remember them throughout the week when writing dailies.

In my brain, my bujo was obviously for to do’s and my Filofax for appointments (and some memory keeping). Actually though, I needed to be using my Filofax to plan my weekly to dos as well as appointments.

This was the first week I tried that and it worked out so much better.

Still going to keep bullet journaling?

Definitely. Aside from my blip week I’m so much more on top of things now. Lets ignore the fact I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks! It’s also great to have somewhere just to jot down those random little things that pop into your head. That you’d just forget about if you didn’t capture them. The flexibility to have really long sections for some days and nothing at all for others is perfect for me. I tend to have loads on at the weekend but less so through the week.

I’ve only done a couple of collections so far, but I’ll go through them in another post soon.

If you’ve got a a bullet journal I’d love to hear about it! Let me know how you’ve been using one in the comments!