Benton High Content Steam Cream Review & DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

The first of my Asian Beauty reviews!

I’m now in week seven of my new skincare regime (take a look at my intro post here) and thought it was time to start reviewing some of the products I’ve been trying. 

From my first haul (from Amazon) I’m going to be reviewing two products – Benton High Content Steam Cream & DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. While there is a recommended order of introduction I went with whatever gaps I had in my current routine first. That meant I started on the DHC Cleansing Oil first with the intention of using it for two weeks before starting anything else.

DHC Cleansing Oil

There’s a great selection of size options with this oil – from a large 200ml with a pump priced at £22 to 2x small 30ml bottles for just £9. I haven’t had great success with oil cleansers in the past so I went with the smallest option. 

In terms of packaging it’s got nice and clean styling but is actually pretty tricky to use. Underneath the cap the pouring hole is tiny so you have to squeeze the stiff bottle to get any product out. In terms of the product itself it lasts ages. You don’t need to use a lot of this oil – a small amount will work up a nice little lather. I only used this for a week and a bit and had over half the bottle left. My skin felt nice and clean after use. The texture of my skin was good after washing it off, not left dried out or overly greasy.


Unfortunately I had a rather large breakout using this. I got some pretty painful spots within a couple of days of using it. I also quickly saw an improvement after discontinuing use. Oil cleansers are now firmly off my ‘to use’ list and I’ve picked out a foam cleanser to introduce soon. While oil cleansers seem to be first choice for cleansing, foam should be just at good as dissolving the day’s make up.

Benton High Content Steam Cream

I really like the simple packaging on this. In a world of cutesy packaging, I have more confidence in a more sensible looking product. 

This moisturiser is the second product I introduced – in week three. I started using it in the AM then moved to twice a day once my skin was happy with it. It’s not an overly thick cream, doesn’t have any scent to it, and sinks in quickly.

Despite the hydration claims at first I actually had some dry flaky skin. Given I hadn’t suffered with dryness for quite some time I got worried. However after about a week or two that disappeared. In fact now it’s probably gone the other way and I’m now experiencing slightly greasier skin than normal. This could be coinciding with the fantastic weather we’ve been having recently or it could be this product. I’m not too sure currently but it’s not enough to make me discontinue use.

As you can see from the picture above there’s a lot this cream claims it can do! I picked this after seeing it recommended by a lot of people with similar skin types to myself. It had a lot of ingredients in it that I’d heard great things about such as snail and Hyaluronic acid. It seemed like this could do everything: heal and clear my skin alongside tackling wrinkles. To be honest I never thought I’d find a cream that would help my acne and with anti aging at the same time. Niacinamide is an ingredient I hadn’t heard of before but should help to clear the reddness left under my skin from old acne. This was something I hadn’t come across in Western skincare before and I was excited to see it work.


I’m now five weeks in to this cream and I’m really seeing some positive results. Aside from one break out my acne has been much improved. My skin in general has noticeably cleared up and in parts is showing less evidence of my old acne scars. In terms of anti ageing I’m happy so far but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve finished the tube as that’s more of a long term thing. The only thing that’s concerning me currently is how greasy my skin is. If it’s starting to affect my make up throughout the day this will be the only reason I don’t repurchase.

This was £12.97 for the 50g tube which is a great price considering what I’ve paid for moisturisers in the past. Given the consistency, it should also last a long time.

Mixed opinions from my first two Asian Skincare products. Really happy I picked the Benton Steam Cream as my first moisturiser though. I’ll definitely be looking out for more Benton products in the future.

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