Autumn Lip Picks

I probably wear Autumn lip colours all year round if I’m honest.

Light lip colours tend not to suit me too well. Neither do ultra dark colours so when I see people bringing out the dark plums for August, I get a little jealous. Therefore, those middle of the ground Autumn colours are what I wear all year round basically. 

One thing that I can’t really decide on though is the kind of lipstick finish that works best on me. Except liquid lipstick. That will always look terrible on me. With that in mind, this is a collection of super wearable colours with a range of different finishes/types to suit most of your Autumn needs.


As Autumn is the time when my lips really start to rebel and dry out, I had to include a tinted lip balm in this line up. 

This applies just like a regular lip balm, smells beautiful and gives you a nice pop of colour on your lips. This is buildable so you can go for something subtle for the daytime or bolder for an evening. The colour has a nice sheen to it but as expected, doesn’t last hours. As it’s a lip balm though, I don’t mind this as I would ordinarily reapply lip balm throughout the day anyway. As a lip balm, it works wonderfully and does perk my lips up nicely, while still allowing me to have some colour to my lips.

It’s priced at £15 so it isn’t the cheapest around and unfortunately this colour, Rose Plum isn’t currently available. Looking at the website they only have a couple of summery looking colours at the moment, so hopefully some Autumn ones are due soon.

Doll 10

This isn’t a brand I’d heard of until my mum started getting the QVC beauty box. I swiped this as soon as I saw it, knowing that my mother would never ditch her Sephora lipsticks for this. 

I know you’re thinking that I said liquid lipsticks didn’t work for me. This lip velvet is more a lip cream and is so much more forgiving than other’s I’ve tried. It’s got a bit of a sheen to it and feels more like I’m applying a creamy lip gloss. They obviously agree as they actually call these lip glosses.

This colour is called Fashionista and is frequently my go to for a work day when I want something a little lighter on my lips. I spent most of the summer wearing it. It doesn’t really last much time at all but it’s so easy to reapply that doesn’t really bother me. It’s only available in the UK from either Doll 10 themselves or QVC. In true QVC style you can’t buy these separately it seems. At £32.50 for three though, they’re pretty reasonably priced.

Lord & Berry

Another beauty box find and it was a complete revelation. I remember back when I was working for Boots, Lord & Berry were introduced as brand that was coming into stores around the same time Bumble and Bubble, Ojon and Smashbox hit Boots for the first time. They carry the brand online but I’ve never come across it in a store before. The branding is very simple and looks very Smashbox. I’d tried a couple of their products but was never overly impressed. Until I received this lip crayon, in Intimacy. This is a super easy to use, buildable lip crayon. A quick application gives me a nice matte colour that lasts. A more prolonged application gives a rich matte colour that really lasts. When I first wore this to work, a colleague went out and ordered three colours for herself she loved it that much.

While this is a matte product, it doesn’t dry my lips out like others can. It also wears off pretty evenly. Other long lasting lip products I’ve used in the past tend to leave a line around the lips making it look like I’ve applied lip liner and nothing else.

At £12 on Amazon this is a good price. I’ve got two of these and the one I’ve been using loads hasn’t even been sharpened yet.

Kat Von D

This is a new addition to my lip products thanks to my recent trip to Leeds.I already knew I loved Kat Von D’s lipstick, thanks to Magick that I’ve been wearing for a year now. This is Lovecraft and is basically Magick without the glitter. This is a matte lip product that can be quite drying on the lips so it’s not a daily wear product for me. The effect though is a lovely, rich matte colour that lasts the longest of any of my lipsticks and wears off evenly. If only more colours in the KVD range actually suited me, I’m sure my stash would be full of them. At £17, it’s not the cheapest but it’s worth every penny to me because of how long lasting it is.

The swatches

I wanted to pull all the swatches together in one picture, so you can see the comparisons between them. 

From top to bottom:
1) Doll 10 Lip Velvet
2) L’Occitane Tinted Lip Balm
3) Lord & Berry Lip Crayon
4) Kat Von D Studded Lipstick

In the swatches the Doll 10 looks a lot glossier than it actually is. Once dry, it is fairly matte with just a little sheen. You definitely see how dry the Kat Von D is in comparison to the Lord & Berry in this picture. This is why I can’t wear it daily.

Are you rocking an Autumn lip? Let me know your colour of choice in the comments below!

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