CosRX Low pH Morning Gel Cleanser Review

If you caught up on my skincare routine post, you’ll know I’m in the process of switching out my cleansers

Thanks to an enlightening research session on CosDNA, I discovered my cleansers could be triggering my acne. Given I was in the midst of a huge break out I took action and ditched my Innisfree cleanser for this. It seemed like a well loved second cleanser in my research. It also didn’t flag anything bad up on CosDNA. What made up my mind was the pH. Given I’m itching to start with actives, I wanted a low pH cleanser.

A foam free second cleanser

Second cleansers are usually foam, cream or gel. The majority of them are foam and I’ve never really had much luck with foam. I’ve never had much success with cream cleansers either due to the heaviness of them so I went down the gel route this time.

The key ingredients in this was very attractive. BHA to help with exfoliation and tea tree oil to assist in acne fighting. It also didn’t contain SLS. While I’ve never been 100% on whether my skin reacts to SLS, it would be nice to try not having it in my face wash.

This was also cheap, at just £7 for 150ml.


This is a nice thick gel. To use you simply wet your face and massage it into your face. Surprisingly, this does actually foam a little. The scent is the strongest I’ve noticed from AB but as it’s tea tree I really like it. It definitely smells quite medicinal and so if strong scents aren’t your thing, you might not like this.  What I do like about this is the fact it comes in a tube. If only the first cleansers I liked came in tubes, they’re so much easier to use.

After washing off my skin doesn’t feel at all dry. Sometimes anything that contains tea tree can sometimes leave your skin feeling tight. This, thankfully doesn’t. Even with the BHA, I’ve had no hint of any dryness.

In terms of my acne, it’s definitely dying down. While my closed comedones aren’t seemingly getting any better I’ve been getting far fewer actual new spots. The previous spots are also fading away nicely.

A good replacement?

I feel like I should just swap out all my skincare for CosRX. I haven’t tried a single thing I didn’t like. In fact, this cleanser arrived with other CosRX goodies I’d ordered and a new Innisfree eye cream.

I’m really enjoying using this cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, with no tightness at all. I actually really like the smell and I’m seeing positive results with my skin. Hopefully once I’ve switched out my first cleanser I should be back on track with my skincare routine. 

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