Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Styler Review

I’m super lazy on a weekend

I’m not exactly a social butterfly and so my weekends are usually spent hanging out with the boyfriend, and doing all my blog and shop stuff. This means that unless we’re going out for dinner, or having a day out, I tend not to do my make up. I also loathe having to do my hair and any day I can miss applying heat to it my hair thanks me for it. This doesn’t mean that I want a greasy mess on my head all weekend though…

Enter Bumble and Bumble to fix this problem.

I’ve used Bumble and Bumble before and would say I’ve had mixed results with their products. Their sea salt spray doesn’t really do much for my hair but their straightening balm does enhance my blow dry.

When I saw an ad on Instagram for their new product – a balm that helps you style your hair without a blow dryer, I decided to give it a whirl.

The full size of this is pretty expensive at £24. Thankfully, Bumble and Bumble do minis so I was able to pick up this smaller size from Boots. Annoyingly I couldn’t find it on the website, I had to go into my local store. I also couldn’t find the generic one, instead I found one for fine hair. To be honest, that didn’t bother me too much though as my hair is fine, I just have a lot of it.


When I was Googling this, the one thing I saw lots of people complain about was the fact that the packaging doesn’t tell you how much of the product to use. Not even an obscure indicative amount is given. It just says to work it evenly through your hair. This isn’t anything new for Bumble and Bumble though, their other products I own are also similarly vague.

I’ve played with different amounts of this product – which I would describe as a light cream – and found more is better. I probably use about a large grape’s worth for my mid to long hair. It doesn’t go crunchy if you find you use too much, which is good. I get the amount on my palm and get my hands cover.ed. I then just run my hands all through my hair. Next, rather than scrunching to get some natural wave, I curl my hair around my fingers. This isn’t something I’d tried before (no idea why) but I love how it works. It gives me a loose curl without all the frizziness and dryness of scrunching.


There’s more factors than just this product – there’s the fact that my hair is getting longer and that I’m curling it round my fingers rather than scrunching. However, I do like this product and the effect it has on my hair. So much so I’ve even used this and worn my hair in loose waves for work.

This product won’t magically make your hair beautiful curls or poker straight. However, what it will do is take what would happen if you let your hair dry naturally and enhance it. In my case, my hair is smoother, less unruly and the curls are a little neater and tighter than they would normally be. If you want a low maintenance hair day and you’re blessed with hair that isn’t naturally a bird’s nest (mine used to be when it was shorter) then I think you’ll like this product. Unless you plan on using this every day, I’d probably go for the smaller sized product and not the £24 size.

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